“I’m Creating My Own Lane, As Well As Paying Homage To Who Inspired Me,” Chloe Bailey Says Of Her Upcoming Solo Album

She asked about following in the footsteps of her mentor Beyonce, which she admits would be a dream come true.

Chloe Bailey is now providing fans a little more insight into what they can anticipate from her solo album, which she will perform at this year’s MTV VMAs. Chloe Bailey discussed her upcoming album, carving out her own niche in the industry, and why now is the appropriate moment to go solo in a recent interview. Chloe Bailey didn’t shy away from questions about her upcoming solo album in an in-depth interview with @Billboard.

Chloe claims she’s “tying it up with such nasty b**ch energy” on the yet-to-be-named album, and that it’s “the most liberated and joyous that I have felt.” She also stated that she wants to build a reputation for herself as a solo artist after verifying that the record is “90 percent done.” “I’m forging my own path while paying tribute to those who have influenced me. Finding my voice has been a lot of fun.” “My sister went to London to film her movie for seven or eight months, and it was very hard being without her,” Chloe remarked when asked if now is the best moment to start a solo career.

That’s when I began working on my project. I regained my confidence, as if to say, ‘OK, you can do this now.’ No matter what we do together or separately, I always have my sister’s support, and she will always have mine.” “I don’t feel pressure when it comes to awards and accolades — I feel pressure when it comes to making myself proud and making sure that I’m speaking and singing the things that I want to say and sing,” she said, noting that there will be pressure now that she is recording her own music. I’m not going to lie and claim that thoughts like, “I hope people enjoy this sound from me because it’s different from what my sister and I produce together,” don’t cross my head. Apart from that, I’m fine as long as I’m traveling in my light and purpose.”

Chloe was then asked about following in the footsteps of her mentor Beyonce, which she admits would be a dream come true, but she also wants to leave her own musical legacy. “Having certain honours and seeing some of the places she has visited would be a dream come true, as would having a long-standing career with such longevity. I admire that, and it inspires me every day. I have always been inspired by her, ever since I was a little girl. I’m happy and I’m grateful — and I hope to make my name shine in my own way,” she said. You can catch Chloe Bailey performing her viral song “Have Mercy” live for the first time at the MTV VMAs on September 12th.

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