China Has Announced Even Stricter Limits On The Amount Of Video Games That Children Can Play

"Game addiction among some youths and children is seriously harming their normal study, life and mental and physical health,” the administration said.

The debate over whether playing too many video games is hazardous for your health has raged for decades among parents, many of whom were reared on the same games that their children now despise. And now, once again, an entire nation is taking steps to prevent its children from playing too many video games.
China’s communist government is well-known for its rigorous social norms and tight control over its inhabitants’ virtual life. According to a source, despite the country’s reputation as a hub of competitive gaming skill, it has further limited the amount of time youngsters can spend playing games in an effort to improve discipline among the country’s youth.

The move, as reported by the New York Times on Monday, restricts the amount of time Chinese youngsters can spend playing video games in an effort to reduce “unhealthy cultural influences.”
According to government restrictions announced Monday, Chinese children and teenagers are prohibited from playing online games during the school day and are limited to one hour per day on weekends and holiday evenings.

The National Press and Publication Administration issued the rules, which strengthened limitations beginning in 2019 in response to what the government described as a growing pandemic of online game addiction among youngsters. Players under the age of 18 were previously restricted to no more than 90 minutes of gaming per day on weekdays and three hours per day on weekends.

Whether due to unhealthy influences or not, China is a major gaming centre, particularly in competitive games such as League of Legends. As a result, the decision to limit gaming in the country, particularly on weekends and holidays, is particularly intriguing. The discovery comes as Chinese internet censors tighten down on renowned celebrities who have spawned fandoms among teenagers, citing the corruption of youngsters as a reason. Despite the fact that internet gaming is incredibly profitable for people who create games, it appears that the drive to achieve cultural uniformity was more important than money in this case.
Unfortunately for the children, it was their parents who apparently requested more limitations.

The government said that parents had complained that the policy was too liberal and that it had been enforced too laxly. On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, the new rule restricts gameplay to 8 to 9 p.m. The government stated that it will increase inspections to guarantee that gambling enterprises followed the rules.

“Recently many parents have reported that game addiction among some youths and children is seriously harming their normal study, life and mental and physical health,” the administration said in an online question-and-answer explanation about the new rules. Parents, it said, had demanded “further restrictions and reductions in the time provided for minors by online gaming services.”

It is absolutely up to you whether you believe the Chinese government about anything, including parents snitching on their gamer children. However, in countries such as the United States, gaming is approached in a very different way. While it appears that parents are constantly attempting to limit their children’s screen time, one thing is clear: those limits are not imposed by the United States government.

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