Jordana Talsky’s EP ‘Zahava’ Was Made Solely With Sounds From Her Voice or Body [LISTEN]

Ingrid Michaelson, Kate Nash, Sara Bareilles have been some of the leading people in the the quirky, alternative music game. But now there’s a new name who’s emerging—Jordana Talsky. In her 6-song EP, Zahava, the Canadian native provides a fun, experimental, and soothing project about wanting a “super powerful love,” heartbreak, inner turmoil, and more.

The EP kicks off with “Superpower,” a cute song about falling in love. “I feel your eyes on me / Feel them running / Feel them run across my skin / It’s like I hear you breathe / And you’re working / You’re working your way to me,” she sings over a skatting sound. “I smile and I entice / Make you wonder what it would be like / And if I stoke this fire / Will I survive or turn to ice.”

“Oh Yeah,” “Over The Wall” and “Honey” continue the quirky vibe but has more of a somber approach as she sings over a simpler beat that slowly builds sounds on top of sounds. “I forgot / All things I wanted to do tonight / Oh yeah / I forgot / All the things I wanted to do with my life,” she sings.

“Trouble Up” and “City Lights” add a country vibe to it which brings a nice break from the aforementioned songs.

What’s most impressive is that all of the sounds are made solely from Talsky. “All of the sounds were made by my voice or body,” she explains on her Bandcamp page. “I began using the loop machine a few years ago as a composition tool to capture ideas because I couldn’t notate quickly and needed a fast way to document musical thoughts. It took me a number of years to feel comfortable enough to use the loop machine as a form of accompaniment.”

Talskey also explains that the EP’s title is her middle name “to acknowledge my pursuit to learn and accept all the parts of me.”

Listen to the EP below.

[bandcamp width=350 height=470 album=2793297317 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false]

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