Women Are “An Easier Target,” According To Lil Duval, Who Warns About The Dangers Of Flexing Online

“All I'm trying to do is save you from some emotional anguish.”

On Tuesday morning, Lil Duval awoke with some advice for women who like to flex. The comedian-turned-artist used his normal venting platforms, Twitter and Instagram, to express his feelings about the situation. Although Lil Duval feels that flexing is nice, he cautions that a woman is “an easier target to rob.” “Women have been flexing a lot lately, which is fine, but I don’t think most of them completely comprehend what it entails,” Lil Duval wrote on Twitter. “You’re an easier robbery target.” What led Lil Duval to deliver this message is unknown.

However, it received little attention on Twitter, receiving only 133 retweets and 237 likes by Tuesday night. When he uploaded the tweet to his Instagram account, people seemed to be more vociferous on the subject. He received over 2,500 responses, with individuals agreeing and sending their own warnings. “And then there’s Christmas. Lil Duval stated in his Instagram caption, “Who do you think they’re going to try.” “You can buy a handgun, but it won’t stop them from putting you to the test. You wouldn’t even be on the radar if you kept it low-key.

But, hey, who am I to say? “All I’m trying to do is save you from some emotional anguish.” Despite the fact that Lil Duval provided no evidence to back up his claims, reports about women being jacked have been circulating on social media. A woman with the Instagram handle @sabrinawynn recently revealed a personal story of a man who pretended to be a flower delivery guy in order to obtain entrance to her home in order to harm her.

“He then entered laid the flowers on the kitchen counter turned around looked like he had a gun in his hand, I jumped back and said wtf are you doing,” Sabrina wrote in her caption. “He began to tased me with the police taser for about 10 seconds I some how pulled the cords out I ran up the stairs to the gun and he walked out the house got in his van left like nothin happened.”The woman revealed that she was at home with her children when the incident occurred. Moreover, footage from her surveillance cameras show that someone had been watching her home for eight days prior to the attempted attack.

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