Foxfrd brings video game concepts to life with new single, “Oni”

Video games continuously serve as an integral form of entertainment. As an aid for coping with daily life, video games remain the objects of many desires. Another focal point of video games are the characters: Animated figures who often become more significant than the homes from which they originate. Los Angeles based artist Foxfrd could not seem to agree more. A factor made apparent in his rising new single, “Oni”.

Both the song’s unique character and title are based on Foxfrd himself.  Instead of the typical heroic figure, he represents the villain, which is  a demonic-like creature. Described from his scorned lover’s perspective, the scenario resulted in the skilled video game creator being called “an unforgivable demon”.  In addition to his love gone bad, Foxfrd’s dark mood at the time was triggered by his mother’s abrupt passing.  These unfortunate occurrences caused him to distance himself from all that was dear to him, including his music. 

Enhanced by the song’s pulsating beat, the accompanying video finds the Oni character viewing the world through his personal lens. A world which seems opulent, yet obscure. While navigating through his animated sanctuary, he reflects on his turbulent past, while hoping for better days ahead. Rising  to prominence through his work with The Game Band, Foxfrd helped to establish Apple’s award-winning, Where Cards Fall.  Despite his many trials and tribulations, Foxfrd remains triumphant while continuously embarking on the best that life has to offer.

Where will Foxfrd’s artistry take him next? Visiting his social platforms below:

Website / Instagram / Spotify / TikTok

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