Megan Thee Stallion Joins The Anti-Abortion Campaign In Texas

Her post garnered more than 315,000 likes and over 3,500 comments by Friday evening.

Megan Thee Stallion has made her voice heard! Megan shared her support for a campaign opposing the severely restricted abortion ban on Instagram on Friday. She kept her message short and sweet. Nonetheless, her backing could make a difference in the tumultuous debate over S.B. 8. What Is The Purpose Of The Ban? Texas is embroiled in a legal battle over one of the country’s strictest abortion laws. Lower courts have attempted to overturn the prohibition after the Supreme Court permitted it to remain in place. On Wednesday, US District Judge Robert Pitman issued an order halting the statute.

Texas, on the other hand, announced its decision to appeal that evening. On Friday, a 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned Wednesday’s victory, confirming their objectives. The prohibition will be in effect until October 12th, according to NPR. The Department of Justice has until this date to reply to the judgement. The restriction, as you may know, bars pregnant women from getting an abortion as early as six weeks. Furthermore, it grants private persons the ability to sue to enforce the restriction.

Abortion providers who conduct the procedure after six weeks, as well as anybody who “aids or abets,” can be sued by anyone living in or outside of Texas. Megan’s Message on Parenthood and Megan’s Message on Megan’s Message on Megan’s Message on Megan’s Megan, a native of Texas, posted a photo with orange-and-grey colored writing. “I reject the Texas abortion ban,” the writing reads in huge characters. Planned Parenthood Federation of America is said to be behind the Bans Off Our Bodies campaign. They just started a six-figure ad campaign “to rally people and raise awareness about the most deadly attack on reproductive freedom our country has seen in generations,” according to their website.

According to reports, the ad buy cost $150,000 and was targeted at people in Texas and other areas with limited abortion access. Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, and Mississippi are among the states on this list. Megan did not get any remuneration to participate in Planned Parenthood’s call-to-action, though. Megan added in her Instagram caption, “Y’all know I’m a Texas gal, and we deserve better.” “Politicians want to restrict access to abortion and control our bodies, lives, and futures – I’m speaking up.” Text ACCESS to 22422 to take action right now. #BansOffOurBodies” Nonetheless, Megan’s participation in the campaign via Instagram brought attention to a serious health issue affecting Texas.

The rapper boasts over 25.6 million followers. Her post garnered more than 315,000 likes and over 3,500 comments by Friday evening. While many commenters stood with Megan, others spoke on their opposition to abortions and access to them.

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