Chloe Bailey Returns to Her Brunette Look—But Clarifies That It’s Only Temporary

We chat about anything and everything, and I'm delighted to have her approval, as well as her words of support.

Chloe Bailey has dropped her brilliant blonde locs in favor of her characteristic brown shade…but she wants you to know that it’s only for a limited time. Chloe Bailey has been putting the premise that blondes have more fun to the test for the last few months while marketing her solo career—but it looks like she’s taking a vacation. Chloe Bailey discarded her soft brown locs to launch her solo career and promote her smash song and video “Have Mercy,” ushering in a new era, new character, and new attitude with platinum locs that ushered in her new era, new image, and new attitude.

Chloe has worn platinum blonde hair for a number of high-profile red carpet events, including her MTV VMAs debut, the Met Gala, and others. Perhaps she’s decided that her brunette color is more fitting for the fall season now that the temperatures are decreasing. “The blonde is out…for now,” she tweeted after releasing a new video of her hair. During a recent sit-down interview with ‘The Breakfast Club,’ Chloe spoke at length on the never-ending comparisons she receives to her mentor Beyoncé. “I’m a huge fan of hers.

We chat about anything and everything, and I’m delighted to have her approval, as well as her words of support. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. And it’s quite nice and inspiring to know that the counsel she’s given me is directly from where I’ve been.” Chloe went on to explain that she appreciates the analogies and that they are the “greatest compliment” anyone could offer her. She did admit, though, that she still has a lot of work to do in her career.

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