Donald Glover Has A Problem With People Comparing Lil Dicky’s ‘Dave’ To ‘Atlanta’

Dicky remarked in a New York Times interview last summer that the two shows aren't that similar.

Since Lil Dicky’s FX sitcom Dave debuted last year, it has been compared to Donald Glover’s Atlanta on a regular basis. There are a number of clear parallels: Both shows are created by rappers who are also comedians, and they are both about what it’s like to be a rapper. They also both air on FX. Last year, the two were also in the news when Dave surpassed Atlanta to become FX’s most-watched comedy series ever. As a result, many people compare the two shows. Glover (a.k.a. Childish Gambino) has had enough.

Glover took issue with the Atlanta/Dave parallels in a now-deleted tweet from yesterday, stating, “and just for the record, im watching yall claiming ‘dave’ is on par.” It’s as though you’ve forgotten what we did. “I mean no offense.” “We got black folks on here debating which is better, and IM the sellout?” he swiftly added.

Dicky remarked in a New York Times interview last summer that the two shows aren’t that similar: “I’m a big admirer of that show, I think it’s a terrific show.” They seem to be completely different shows.” Dicky remarked, “That’s ridiculous,” when the interviewer said, “I can’t think of two more comparable shows.” When I hear it, I’m not angry; rather, I’m flattered.” “I think they’re extremely different,” he continued. I believe our show is attempting to be humorous, as evidenced by the increased number of jokes. It’s all about the tonal brilliance for them. I think of them as separate shows.”

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