Caitlyn Jenner Expresses Her Admiration For Kanye West

"Kim's getting married to Kanye," she told her housemates on Australia's "Big Brother VIP."

Ye West has been lauded by Caitlyn Jenner for being “very, really, really wonderful” to her.
The 72-year-old former Olympian said she got along “extremely well” with the “Stronger” rapper, who divorced Caitlyn’s stepdaughter, Kim Kardashian West, in February.
“I liked Kanye,” she exclaimed. Kanye and I got along swimmingly. He was really out there, yet he was always quite nice to me.”
The “I Am Cait” actor also talked about Yee and Kim’s spectacular wedding in 2014, praising the 44-year-old singer for carrying out his dreams.

“Kim’s getting married to Kanye,” she told her housemates on Australia’s “Big Brother VIP.” They decide to hold the celebration in Versailles in Paris the night before. Kanye rents Versailles and has never had a private party there, but Kanye is the one who pulls the strings. It was incredible.
“They thanked everyone and announced that the wedding will take place in Florence the following day. We’ve arrived in Paris. “Pack your luggage, we have two enormous private jets,” they added.
Caitlyn was taken aback by the lavish party when the guests arrived at Forte di Belvedere in Florence, Italy.
“I’m up there looking out over Florence and I thought, what I need is Bocelli,” she concluded. “The singer who is blind.”

“Kim walks down this lengthy corridor, and what do I hear?” Bocelli. This, I believe, is ideal.”
“I pause for a moment, and there he was, just behind me.” Andrea Bocelli is an Italian opera singer. [Jaw dropped] when I whirled around to face Kris.
“That was all set up by Kanye. It was a fantastic wedding. The attention to detail is exceptional. Kanye was exceptional at it.”
Jenner — who came out as trans in 2015 — also talked about how she used to drive dressed as a woman and had a near-miss when she was noticed by a neighbor, only to have her clothing explained away as a Halloween costume.

She said: “I would go out driving, go out and try not to get caught. It was kind of scary. But it was the only time you could express yourself.
“So I did that, honestly, pretty much most of my life …  had a neighbor of mine pull up beside me — I had a Porsche at the time, and he recognized my car.
“He saw me inside there [in women’s clothes]. The good news was, it was the day before Halloween. And my neighbor just says, ‘Oh my god, Halloween party time! See you later!’ “

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