In a Punchy Season 2 Trailer, ‘Saved By The Bell’ Takes A Swing At Rebooted 90s Shows

"That's why we're seeing so many reboots of '90s teen sitcoms." "Hollywood, come up with a new idea." - A savvy cheerleader.

The Saved By The Bell Season 2 trailer deserves credit for identifying itself as part of the unstoppable trend of reboots, revivals, revamps, and re-everything on television. The first season was surprisingly popular and accessible to a younger, more ethnically diverse audience, all while providing drama for the messed-up grownups who are all still hanging out or working at Bayside High School (yeah, that’s crazy). Zack “Attack” Morris has returned as the dreadful Governor of California, and Jessie, Slater, and Kelly have all returned as well. On a more serious note, this season will include a memorial to the late Dustin Diamond (as reported by Variety and according to executive producer Franco Bario), who played Screech for years.

The trailer, on the other hand, maintains its normal upbeat tone while highlighting how badly Slater and Zack think their lives stink, and they, of course, make it into a competition. And because Jessie is going through a divorce, Slater is overly enthusiastic. Guys, please don’t do that again. Isn’t it safe to assume they’ll do it again? According to the synopisis, here’s what’s going on with the students:

The Bayside High School spirit squad is getting ready to compete in the Southern California School Spirit Competition. Daisy is resolved not to get distracted by “Bayside foolishness,” but she finds herself in over her head when a cute new student is elected student council VP. Mac sees the competition as a way to finally step out from his father’s shadow. Jamie leans on Lexi in the wake of his parents’ divorce while Lexi struggles to be a more understanding girlfriend; Aisha seeks a new outlet after football is canceled; DeVante finds love with a rich Bayside girl, and Slater and a newly single Jessie grow closer despite their tumultuous romantic past.

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