Dylan Owen and Kinetics deliver healing relationship therapy with their new single, “Hurt Enough”

“You weren’t hurt enough for me, I was only gonna bring you down / It’d be selfish not to leave, So I had to go and push you out”

Relationships have many meanings. They can be blissful and harmonious one minute, and complex and chaotic the next. Regardless, relationships keep our hearts full and our minds racing. When things are good, there are no better feelings than being blessed by that special person’s presence or being thrilled at the mere thought of their existence. So, what happens when things suddenly start to go awry?

Those awkward moments when the ones who once made us smile, now make us sad. Although we once welcomed their company, we now can’t wait to get rid of them. Depending on the situation, discarding these people may or may not be easy. In these moments, we frantically search for closure.

Should we stay? Should we leave? Is this relationship salvageable? Should this relationship have existed in the first place? Both Dylan Owen and Kinetics of hip hop duo Kinetics & One Love know these theories all too well. All of which are explored  in their emotional new single, “Hurt Enough“.

Adorned by its acoustic driven, bass heavy production, the song showcases Dylan’s transparency regarding his recent breakup, and his struggle to find solace.  Making their commercial debut as songwriters by penning B.O.B’s hit single “Airplanes,” both New York natives have gone on to do great things. Dylan has since shared stages with a plethora of notable artists including Logic and Wiz Khalifa, while Kinetics and his partner have One Love opened for acts such as Talib Kweli,and Mac Lethal.

With his unique blend of  melodic content, Kinetics aims to continuously enchant audiences worldwide, while Dylan uses his continuous journey of self-awareness to empower others. What are Dylan Owen and Kinetics working on next? Stay in the loop by visiting their social platforms below:

Dylan Owen: Twitter / Website / Facebook / Instagram

Kinetics: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

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