Essential Fall Accessories & How to Style Them

The long, hot days of summer are gone, and the gorgeous, chilly days of autumn have arrived. It’s time to move on from summer fashion and bring in pieces that reflect the changing season. In style this year are unexpected fall colors like lemon yellow, pink, indigo and scarlet-orange in a variety of sweaters, turtlenecks, coats and pants. To complement your new look, you’ll want to get your hands on a few unique accessories like a plaid bucket hat, a pair of chocolate-brown boots and a sophisticated Rolex watch. Explore these essential fall accessories and learn how to style them to ensure your fashion is on-point. 


Boots are a fall fashion staple and this year is no different. There are several fall boot trends that you can incorporate into your ensemble. Those who prefer a feminine boot can opt for above-the-calf riding boots inspired by Kate Middleton, a simple or zhuzhed up Chelsea boot or heeled ankle boots in burgundy or animal print. Chunky Doc Martens and Timberlands are in style for a more masculine look and pair wonderfully with opaque tights and a knee-length dress. 

Boot trends for men’s and women’s footwear feature suede and leather, as well as mixed fabric pieces and lace-up options, while black and chocolate brown boots are always in style. An especially fun take on boots this year are the off-white, burgundy and animal print options.

Sweater Vests

Welcome back sweater vests this fall by rocking a pink, brown or plaid version of this not-so-ancient classic. Sweater vests were all the rage in the late 1990s and early 2000s among those looking to sport a preppy look. These fashion staples have returned in 2021 and are the perfect accessory for your fall ensemble. Choose an oversized sweater vest to wear as a shirt or sport a cropped cable-knit sweater vest over a billowy white button-up for a feminine look. For a classic look, opt for a fitted button-down with a waist-length sweater vest. Those who prefer a more masculine sweater vest style can wear the classic sweater vest shape with a button-down and tucked-in tie. 


Jewelry trends this fall are fun, flashy and retro. Monochrome vintage rings are trending, as are muted orange and green resin rings. Wearing acrylic jewelry, like bold, colorful geometric earrings, is a major fashion statement this autumn and looks great with all the new fall colors such as pink, scarlet-orange and yellow. Gold hoops remain in fashion. However, this year the new variety features front-facing small oval hoops with tiny dangling gemstones rather than large open hoops. As always, dainty stacking rings are an understated way to show your style, and men can rock small gold bands and chains with their fall sweaters and sweater vests. 

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Elegant luxury watches are the perfect accessory this fall, especially when paired with a sophisticated turtleneck, sweater vest and button-down or a striking solid-colored dress. A luxury timepiece brings an element of maturity to any outfit, creating depth and vision to what may otherwise be plain clothing. 

Go for a rose gold watch to pair with gray, black and cream or wear a yellow gold version with pinks, greens and oranges. If you prefer luxury watches made of white gold, platinum or stainless steel, feel free to wear them with whatever outfit you have on, as these metals pair with any color and style. For an even flashier look, wear a Rolex with a diamond-encrusted bezel or mother-of-pearl dial. From quality watch brands like Patek Phillipe to Rolex, these options will work well for when you attend a sophisticated autumn event wearing an outfit that requires a bit of pizazz. 


A variety of handbags and backpacks are in style this fall and make useful and stylish accessories for men and women. Chocolate and brown suede handbags complement your fall look by bringing out rich earth tones, while leather and suede oversized tote bags allow you to carry all your necessities fashionably. Gold clasps and chains, as well as suede tassels, are a playful addition to many bags this fall, and for men who like to carry their belongings, tan and off-white suede backpacks are an easy accessory to pair with almost any outfit.

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Fun accessories for this fall are big, bold and statement-making hats. The biggest trends in autumnal hats are gray or black felt fedoras, vintage Yankees caps and another blast from the past: bucket hats from the early 2000s. When choosing a hat, think of bold colors or designs that make you stand out. Grab a bucket hat made of vinyl, denim or pleather with a quilted pattern. If you are a Yankees fan or just want to follow the trend, opt for a green or navy baseball cap with the 1909 interlocking NY logo. Dark felt fedoras are in style for a more sophisticated look, and they look great with pea overcoats, fall dresses and business suits. 


Dress up any outfit or coat with a stylish scarf this fall. You can find lightweight styles to drape, wrap or tie around your neck for the warm, early autumn days. The thinner fabrics like silk and chiffon go great with lighter sweaters and denim jackets, letting you stay fashionable without overheating. When the chilly breezes move in, opt for scarves made from flannel, wool, and thicker knits. You can wrap them around your neck and shoulders in turtleneck and shawl styles to keep warm on those extra-cold days or wear an infinity scarf to dress up your winter coat. Scarf styles, colors and designs are limitless, so you can find a scarf you love. Cashmere and pashmina scarves offer high-end style with just enough warmth to keep you comfortable. While cotton scarves are thinner and great for tying and wearing with a turtleneck or sweater dress instead of a necklace.

Get Your Fall Fashion On with Fun Accessories

Fall is an excellent time of year to experiment with colors and accessories to create the perfect look. Layering is easy in the chilly weather, allowing you to mix and match your hats, bags, sweater vests, and boots to create a vibrant ensemble that will turn heads this autumn.

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