Lil Nas X Fell Onstage While Attempting To Recover From Yet Another Wardrobe Error

"The universe was determined to embarrass me yesterday lmao."

Lil Nas X is known for his dry sense of humour, which has served him well over the last two years — especially when he unintentionally becomes the (hehehehe) punchline to jokes. Nas had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on Saturday Night Live in May, ripping his pants while pole dancing to his hit song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” He later joked that he’d “never trust pants again” to avoid repeating the incident, but it appears that even his backup plan failed during a performance at the Audacy Beach Festival in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Nas, who was dressed in a bright pink ensemble that included bondage belts, a crop top, and a gleaming skirt, fell during his performance when the skirt split in the back. He tried to awkwardly jump off stage to his left in an attempt to avoid revealing the world his hindquarters (not that we haven’t seen them before), only to trip and land directly on the area he was trying to cover, exposing practically everything under the skirt nevertheless.

“The universe was determined to embarrass me yesterday lmao,” Nas joked in response to a fan’s video of the spill. He also retweeted another fan’s screenshot of his vow to switch to skirts, which the fan correctly assessed as one of the “Top 10 tweets that aged horribly.”

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