A Basic Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle

With everything on the internet telling you to try this latest fad diet, or that pimple might not be just pimple but some unknown incurable disease we should run scared from, it’s hard to know what to believe anymore.

So, let’s not muddy the waters with the latest miracle cure to acne, or the amazing benefits of some new fruit found in the Amazon. A lot of us aren’t doing the bare minimum it takes to keep a healthy body already, so perhaps we need to be reminded of what it takes. Read on for all the basics of staying healthy and ask yourself if you are honestly doing these things.

Eat better

You can follow every fad diet on the planet, but if you aren’t obeying the simple rules of eating healthier, you won’t make much progress. The first rule of which is to balance all the food groups. Cutting out anything entirely will cause you to lose the healthy nutrients you need, and you will have to work to replenish them in other ways.

If you are worried you are eating too much, slow down. Physically slow down your chewing and take time between mouthfuls so that your stomach has time to digest and tell your brain that you are full. You can also put your food in a smaller bowl so that it feels like an abundance, thereby helping your portion control. 

The way you cook your food can also affect how healthy it is. You will gain toxic compounds when grilling or frying your food, but you can avoid them by baking or roasting your food, as well as broiling, poaching, slow cooking, and stewing.

Also, learn to drink better. Water is vital for the function of your body, so make sure you are getting your 2 liters a day. You can make it easier by pouring yourself a glass alongside whatever other beverage you are allowing yourself, be it juice, soda, or wine. You will at least offset a few of the negative effects of these drinks, like bad breath and dehydration, with a glass of water.

Exercise better

Let’s face it, exercising can be hard. It’s supposed to be. And it can even be downright boring. Not many people can actually say they want to do it, but it is a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle and needs to be done.

But you’ll be pleased to see that you don’t need to turn into a gym bro and pump a jet plane every day. There are a lot of forms of exercise that aren’t so taxing or dull. It is perfectly valid to take up walking rather than running. Running is exhausting and will have you in pain for a week after running for five minutes, whereas a long walk will have you feeling fine after a rest, and you can add an audiobook, or do it on the way to work. 

It’s about finding what works for you. Find some way to make it interesting or an exercise that excites you. Dance in front of the music channel if walking isn’t doing it for you. If you prefer incidental exercise, try to find ways to incorporate it into your life. If you work from home buy a standing desk and a foldaway treadmill and walk while you work. Try something new. Do you love swimming but the pool’s always full of kids? Then try open water swimming.

Something is better than nothing, and your body will soon prove it.

Sleep better

Today’s hustle culture has the whole world doing unspeakable things in the name of their career or lifestyle. It’s got to the point that it needs to be said: it’s okay for you to relax. We are on the go most of our lives, traveling, working, exercising, usually worried that if we’re not doing anything then that means we’re being unproductive.

Perhaps it’s time for a change of perspective. Relaxing is productive. Your body needs sleep to repair itself. Without sleep, your body and brain will malfunction. A lack of sleep will lead to a negative effect on your exercise performance, brain function, and hormones.

If you are having trouble, you can learn a few tips to try and relax before bed. You can take melatonin supplements, limit your caffeine intake, or take a shower or bath before bed. There is a wealth of little things you can do to get yourself relaxed enough to sleep.

If the issue is turning your head off, consider hypnosis or meditation apps. It may sound simple, to focus on only your breathing, but that’s the point. You are trying to omit everything else from your head.

In this guide to becoming a morning person, you can learn how to become a morning person or to simply accept that you are not one, and that’s okay.

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