Along with Tucker Carlson, Ted Cruz, and Don Jr., Kyle Rittenhouse will give a speech at something called ‘AmericaFest’

What exactly can we expect Rittenhouse to say? We'll let his profile speak for itself.

If Conservative America had its way, Kyle Rittenhouse would have strolled out of the courtroom in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after being found not guilty of murdering two men he admitted to the killing, and exclaimed, “I’m going to Disney World!” The 18-year-old gunman has been passed around conservative GOP circles like a trophy in the weeks after his acquittal (even making his way to Mar-a-Lago to hang with the former prez). And now, Turning Point USA is hailing him as a “top conservative leader,” and he’s been invited to speak at the organization’s forthcoming AmericaFest event.

According to Newsweek, the first-ever AmericaFest will take place later this month in Phoenix, Arizona, and will be “the largest celebration of our constitutional rights and freedoms—featuring the best and brightest speakers in the country, dozens of like-minded sponsoring organizations, thousands of freedom-loving patriots, and the introduction of musical talent with a number of very special concerts.”

Yes, the automatic weapon-wielding juvenile described by Tucker Carlson as a “nice child” and whom Donald Trump Jr. wished to gift with a brand-new AR-15. Speaking of which, Carlson and Don Jr., as well as a number of other folks who make a profession saying foolish and/or nasty things, are scheduled to speak.

And what exactly can we expect Rittenhouse to say? We’ll let his profile speak for itself…

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