‘But Are You Bigger Than Russell Wilson In Your Son’s Life, TUH?’ Future Is Chastised By Fans After Claiming To Be ‘Bigger’ In The Streets Than Jay-Z

Future was feeling himself on Friday night.

Future was feeling himself on Friday night.

The rapper resorted to Twitter to make a few dubious assertions. He used the social media site to accomplish what many rappers do in their music: brag about their success as a musician. While there’s nothing wrong with it, it did cause some of his fans to scratch their heads when he opted to compare his street success to Jay Z’s.

“I’m the only one that can get YE to pull up whenever wherever..tuh,” he wrote in the first of three tweets. “Everything I do legendary or it won’t be done,” he continued in the second. Tuh.” He ended his gloating outburst by addressing the New York rapper in his final tweet.

“In the streets, I’m larger than Jigga,” he claimed. Many fans were perplexed by the tweets, and several of them defended Jay-Z. “Lol Jigga can do all three things he listed,” one individual said.

Several people mocked him for his spelling, pointing out that he used the word “want” when he really meant “won’t.” “He can do everything but he can’t figure out when to use ‘want’ vs. ‘won’t,'” someone wrote.

Others mentioned Future’s renowned prior connection with Ciara, a singer. They were dating, engaged, and even had a son together, Future Jr. However, the couple called off their engagement and parted up shortly after he was born. Ciara is currently married to Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, and they have two children together.

Wilson stepped up to be a father figure for Ciara’s son Future when they first courted. This was a move that was praised by some but panned by others, including Future.

“But are you greater than Russell Wilson in your son’s life, TUH?” a commenter rhetorically inquired, bringing up the relationship.

“He clearly still disturbed by Jay-“playing Z’s football with ya son line lmao,” said another.

The person is referring to the “Kill Jay-Z” lyric on his 4:44 album where he rapped, “I don’t even know what you woulda done / In the future other niggas playin’ football with your son.” Many listeners interpreted this as a jab at Future. Future later claimed in an interview that Jay-Z told him “I didn’t mean it like that.”

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