After Doing CPR On His Photographer Who Collapsed Suddenly, Jim Jones Was Hailed As A Hero

Flete, also known as Flee Flicks, began choking and then collapsed–the cause of the incident is unknown.

The Dipset co-founder reportedly saved his friend’s life after conducting cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the photographer’s life, thus Jim Jones’ new year is off to a heroic start.

The Harlem-born rapper and his photographer friend Jerry Flete were in Florida for a cryptocurrency event for Jones’ Capo Coin, according to “Inside Edition.”

Flete, also known as Flee Flicks, began choking and then collapsed–the cause of the incident is unknown.

“We were just taking a break from work and hanging out.” Flete told the newspaper, “I’m just hanging out.” “It all occurred so quickly. Basically, I awoke to Jim compressing my chest and telling me, ‘Wake up.’ You must wake up.’ He rescued my life in a sense. Jim is the reason I’m here today.”

When his business partner, named only as Doug, yelled at him furiously, the “Pop Champagne” emcee was on a phone call, causing him to redirect his attention. “Just saw Flee sitting, just going through something that didn’t appear good like he was choking,” Jones told the publication.

“He couldn’t breathe, and his eyes were going back in his head, and he was having a seizure,” the former reality star claimed. I didn’t realize what was going on at the time. I was a little scared.”

Flete, on the other hand, claimed to be unaware of what was going on. He remarked, “I guess everything occurred so quickly.” “However, I felt an out-of-body sensation. “Come back to yourself” was the feeling in my head. Jim was giving me chest compressions until I finally snapped out of it.”

“The first person I saw when I awoke was only Jim,” he said. I was being held by him. I was seated at the time. As I was sitting down, Jim was standing over me, hugging me and, I believe, giving me chest compressions. That’s how I got my first breath.”

After his younger sister was born with an unspecified heart condition, Jones learned CPR when he was about 12 years old. “Before she came home when she was a baby, they needed the whole family to take these special classes,” the New York native explained.

“All those classes stuck with me all the way to this day,” the rapper says, “because I remember everything they told me to do in certain situations vividly.” At first, I was just as frantic and perplexed as everyone else. That’s when something jumped into my head and said, “Get to it.” It brought him back to life.”

It’s unclear whether Flete sought additional medical attention after the incident, but it has since prompted both men to take their health more seriously.

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