Lindsey Graham Is Under Fire For Whining About Biden’s “Brazen Politicization” Of The Extremist Jan 6 Insurgency

President Joe Biden gave a furious statement on the one-year anniversary of the January 6 attack.

President Joe Biden gave a furious statement on the one-year anniversary of the January 6 attack, and Donald Trump has already made his terribly angry feelings known. A siege on the United States by insurrectionists (in which MAGA diehards rioted because they wanted the Senate to refuse to certify Biden’s 2020 election win) was precisely described in Biden’s address. At the behest of “a defeated former president,” violent attacks on cops and people “actually defecating in the hallways” were reported at the Capitol.

Multiple far-right congressmen declared themselves “ashamed of nothing” in relation to the siege on January 6, and Lindsey Graham is reportedly boarding a nearby train. I wonder if the Taliban who now run Afghanistan with al-Qaeda elements there, contrary to President Biden’s beliefs, are allowing this address to be carried?” Graham tweeted in a snarky tone, claiming that Biden was engaging in “brazen politicization of January 6.” ”

Oh, my. According to reports, Trump was so enthralled by the failed MAGA revolution that he rewound the film so that he could watch it twice. Despite this, Graham appears to be following in Trump’s footsteps, accusing Democrats of “lies and polarizations.” Which is interesting, given that Trump told his MAGA supporters to “fight like hell” during his “Stop the Steal” event. The insurgency itself was not political, as CNN points out, and Jake Tapper pressed the Twitter button to note out that Graham also reportedly requested the Georgia secretary of state to “attempt to take away votes,” as CNN points out.

On that same note, people can’t believe that Graham seems to believe that the far-right’s failed coup, which meant to overthrow democracy, somehow was not political.

Finally, take a look around. Trump MAGA supporters want Graham to “keep away from President Trump,” adding, “Lindsey Graham is nothing more than a snake in the grass!” they added. ”

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