Following His ‘Pathetic,’ Groveling Interview With Tucker Carlson, Lincoln Project Co-Founder Steve Schmidt Tore Ted Cruz To Shreds

A "violent terrorist attack on the Capitol."

Ted Cruz is a complete scumbag. The fact that Cruz snivels and cowers while being bullied by fellow wimps like Donald Trump—who branded Cruz’s wife unattractive and accused his father of being culpable for the JFK assassination—knows this is a truth, not an opinion. Tucker Carlson, of all people, has recently transformed Cruz into a quivering ball of sorry goo.
Cruz chose to officially repudiate the events of that day after a full year on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the Capitol rebellion and call it exactly what it was: a “violent terrorist attack on the Capitol.”

Carlson, on the other hand, was not pleased. “Of all the things that January 6 was, it was clearly not a horrific terrorist attack,” the Fox News presenter said on Wednesday night, calling Cruz a liar. It wasn’t an uprising. It looked like a riot, but it wasn’t. Sure! It was not a terrorist attack that was violent. Sorry! ”
“What the hell’s going on here?” Carlson asked Cruz at the end of his tirade. You’re making us believe that the Republican Party isn’t as useless as we thought it was,” Cruz says, before asking Cruz to “reassure us.” Cruz agrees.

Cruz dared to enter Tucker’s lion’s cave on Thursday night and attempt to walk back his “terrorist” comment, prompting Carlson to jump down his throat. “Thank you, sir,” Cruz replied in a nutshell. Possibly another? ”

The whole thing unfolded like a shambolic soap drama. Steve Schmidt, an outspoken former Republican strategist, couldn’t help but weigh in and further trash Cruz, describing the entire exchange between Cruz and Carlson as a “depraved show,” according to Raw Story.

We await the next entry in this embarrassing saga.

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