After Fans Celebrated A Funny Blink-182 Lyric, Mark Hoppus Explained It

It's a gift that the legendary Blink-182 bassist still has his sense of humour.

Consider Mark Hoppus’ recent experiences, it’s a gift that the legendary Blink-182 bassist still has his sense of humour. Hoppus was diagnosed with cancer in 2021 and kept his supporters updated throughout the hard chemotherapy process, which culminated in a cancer-free diagnosis in September. Since his cancer-free diagnosis, he’s played his first performance and remains a powerful force for good on the internet.

Speaking of that final point, Hoppus got involved last week when a fan shared a Blink-182 remark on Twitter. Before blink 182 yes or no, did you know the word commiserating?” wrote Ashley Hamilton, a celebrity memoir author and host of the Celebrity Memoir Book Club podcast. With Blink fans, Hoppus’ tweet went viral, and many felt her point about the pretty big vocab word for a pop-punk song was hilarious. What made it even more humorous, though, was Hoppus’ take on why Blink songwriter Tom Delonge chose the verb.

Mark commented, paraphrasing Ashley’s tweet on the subject, “Tom already had “watching, waiting” and needed another five syllables.” That was, of course, the case. However, in certain live renditions of the song, Tom has substituted, um, a different verb for “commiserating.”

Isn’t artistic license crucial? If you haven’t seen the original music video in a while, I’ve included it above; it’s definitely worth a rewatch.

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