Three Sixers Fans That Taunted Carmelo Anthony Got Ejected

As he jeered Anthony, the fan repeatedly called him "boy."

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the NBA’s most popular road teams, thanks to a combination of a high number of Lakers fans across the country and a large number of Lakers fans rooting for their home club.

As we’ve seen on several occasions with the Lakers on the road in recent years, this may create wonderful atmospheres for regular-season games, but it can also lead to supporters over the line. In the last year, LeBron James has been the subject of two fan disturbances, one in Atlanta and the other in Indiana, as he’s had games halted to remove supporters who go too far in their chirping at him. During a Sixers blowout win on Thursday, Carmelo Anthony had enough of some Philadelphia supporters who engaged him.

Melo picked out a couple of fans situated a few seats behind the scorer’s table and tossed them for whatever they said, and while that was going on, a courtside fan got in Melo’s ear and was tossed as well.

There were two sideline fans giving Melo a few possessions until he eventually had enough, and the one in the corner was quick to be ejected for snatching Melo’s ear while security dealt with the other two fans, according to Ian Eagle. As he jeered Anthony, the fan repeatedly called him “boy,” according to Chris Haynes.

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