Kissie Lee denounces toxic relationships with new single, “Always Something”

There is nothing more lethal than a woman scorned

There is nothing worse than a septic relationship. Giving consistently, only to receive little to nothing in return, is simply frivolous. Then guilt creeps in. Although we have grown increasingly tired of the strife being caused, we start to think of the good times had. Suddenly we don’t know whether to stay or leave.

No one knows the feeling better than the Denver born, Atlanta bred Kissie Lee. With her feisty new R&B single, “Always Something”, she speaks for ladies everywhere who know that they deserve better. Produced by 6lement and Big Zar, “Always Something” is a sultry mid-tempo groove, laced with angst and a funky electric guitar. Inspired by a painful relationship from Lee’s past, the song’s bold lyricism warns listeners to pay close attention to toxic traits. Through her personal experiences, Lee expresses how these traits rarely change, which is why its often best to move on.

Tell me who gone love you when ya dough get low, And who gone keep that bed warm when them hoes get ghost / Why you always gotta be the one who do the most, When I’m ya baby

Directed by Juice Bigfellow, the prismatic music video proves that Lee is no stranger to the music industry. After writing for and touring with soul siren KeKe Wyatt, Lee has also written songs for other notable R&B artists. These artists include, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, Jacob Latimore and Jacquees. With her raw, yet pristine vocals, Kissie Lee shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Regardless of what obstacles Kissie Lee deals with, she’s going to look and sound flawless dealing with them. Stay tuned for what Kissie has coming next! “Always Something” is available on all streaming platforms.

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