Alt Rock Fans Will Love Sickpay’s Album ‘Pureocracy’

If you love alternative rock, you’re likely to enjoy Sickpay’s latest album, Pureocracy. The five-track album starts off with “Quiet as a Joke,” which kind of reminds me of Oasis’s “Wonderwall” but in a way that makes you want to bop your head more and vibe rather than cry your heart out. “Devoid,” is as you might imagine also for the emo folks with a slower pace and slower vocals.

The album picks up with “How Many Times,” which is the first song on the album that would make a listener want to dance. It’s a quirky track and is enjoyable. The album’s fourth track “Generosity” proves to be impressive as it’s largely an instrumental track but remains engaging and enjoyable throughout the listen. The album ends with another upbeat track “Sick Pay” which is definitely worth a listen. Overall, the album is enjoyable, and recommendable for any alternative rock fans who are fans of Palaye Royale, The Ataris, or Drive Like Jehu.

“Pureocracy was born in the darkest days of the pandemic, but is filled with ecstatic anthems for our era. Recorded in a small Brooklyn studio, these five songs feature big choruses, to-the-point tunes about living through existential oppression. Enjoy the freedom and release that comes from yell singing out of the holler,” said Sickpay in a press statement.

Listen to Sickpay croon and jam out on Pureocracy below.

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