Unfortunately Steven’s Album ‘Groovy Avocado Disco’ Runs Like a Full Therapy Session

Unfortunately Steven is giving listeners an experience of a full therapy session with his upcoming album Groovy Avocado Disco, which is an acronym for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. He even includes “excerpts of real recordings” from his therapy sessions throughout the album.

“The concept of the album is a full therapy session from start to finish. From walking into the session a human balloon filled with crippling anxiety and depression, to leaving deflated and ready to take on the week,” said Unfortunately Steven in a press statement. “The album begins by walking into therapy, sitting down, and spilling the daily truth. The therapist guides the listener through these thoughts and grounds them through mindfulness. The album tackles the human condition, depression, drugs, addiction, capitalism and personal issues related to my father. As the album is experienced, the songs begin to empty and become more real, meaning that the listener, or myself, is expressing these heavy feelings and then becoming lighter by being honest with oneself.”

The lead single “Life’s Too Expensive For Me” provides a quirky, fun sound that juxtaposes the song which is about how well…life is too expensive. Unfortunately Steven sings that he’d “like to live in San Francisco where the homes look nice and cozy” but the “cost of living is too high.” He later laments the same about Chicago, saying that there’s “only room to stand and shout,” because “everything’s sold out.”

If you like this track (it’s below), you’re likely to enjoy the rest of the album. Overall, it’s a refreshing and enjoyable album that offers a clever concept, good music, and #relatablecontent.

Groovy Avocado Disco is set to be released on May 6. Listen to the lead single “Life’s Too Expensive For Me” below.

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