Solo Travel to Melbourne: Top Things to Do Alone in the City

Are you planning to visit the state of Victoria in Australia? Melbourne is probably the best place to stay in this case since it is the capital city of the region. Whether you are a solo traveler for business, vacation, or any other reason, there are many things you can do in Melbourne for fun.

If this is your first time visiting Melbourne, this is a great article to give you amazing ideas. So, there is no need to worry as we’ve got you covered. Some of the ideas are best for weekends, while most are best for any day.

Visit the Beaches

Can you imagine running across the beaches and enjoying the warm salty water alone in Melbourne? You should actually make it a reality because it is fun. Some solo travelers join beach volleyball games to meet new people and have fun.

But you can remain by yourself and still have fun. Notably, you will see numerous people basking in the beach sun alone after engaging in a series of beach activities. Some of the popular beaches to try to include Elwood, Mother, Williamstown, and Half Moon beaches.

Hire an Escort

Definitely, spending some hours with a Melbourne escort is a great idea for a solo traveler. You can book one through a directory, social media platform, or an escort agency. As you do this, ensure that you choose the services you need carefully to have the best experience.

Professional escorts can turn your time into an adventure of sexual activities, some of which you have never experienced. The good thing is that escorts in Australia have different ethnic backgrounds to satisfy your desires.

Hop into a City Tour

Melbourne has many city tours organized by different tour and travel companies in the region. The government has some bus tour packages too. If you are all alone and have no plans for the day, you can try one of these packages to visit different attractions, monuments, and iconic places.

Do not forget to bring a camera to take some photos. It will also be an opportunity to meet people and socialize, especially if you are taking a day tour within the city and outside as well.

Have a Drink in a Bar

Visiting a bar without someone to accompany you might sound lonely. But the truth is that you will have the most memorable time in Melbourne. If you are wondering how, it is worth knowing that Australian cities have some of the most beautiful singles to mingle with, and many of them hang out in bars and nightclubs.

As you enjoy your drink in a Melbourne bar, be open to socializing with people and hooking up. You might meet someone who wants to join you for the rest of your trip.

Enjoy Coffee

Coffee is enjoyable alone or socially. It is the easiest thing you can do in a new city before you plan other events. Melbourne has many garden restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops where you can enjoy a cup of coffee as you catch up with friends on social media, finalize your business presentation, or just relax. Just search online for nearby coffee shops and take a walk from your hotel or Airbnb residence.

With all these options, you have a lot of free activities to do in Melbourne when traveling alone.

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