Stevie Cornell’s Self-Titled Album Is the Perfect Mix of Blues and Whimsy [LISTEN]

Stevie Cornell’s self-titled album starts off strong with the song “If Crying is a Crime” which provides a perfect bluesy vibe with lyrics like”If crying is a crime, I’m doing my time.” The album continues with a swoony vibe in “I Couldn’t Reach You” despite being another song about broken hearts. “I can’t remember what my heart looks like/Will you come looking when I’m out all night,” he sings over a whimsical sound.

The album continues with a similar bluesy meets whimsical sound that’s enjoyable with clever song tracks like “Hope Came By Today” and “A Tune That I Don’t Know” providing a song for every emotion, every day of the week.

“Black Hole in My Heart” proves to be the standout track though with clever space-themed music as Cornell sings about “snacking on stars” and “munching on Mars” over carefully timed piano keys being played. Overall, if you’re a fan of Rufus Wainwright’s “Hallelujah,” you’ll love this album.

“Rather than rely on loops and beats, I wrote all of these songs on paper at a real piano, like some old guy in a tiny Brill Building office full of heartache and cigarette smoke,” said Cornell in a statement to press. “I produced each track according to it’s own wishes, and so I’ve ended up with an album that wanders all across the landscape of my entire musical past, which, as you can tell by listening, is a pretty broad piece of geography!”

Listen to the album below.

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