Moving to Poland from the UK? Complete Relocation Guide

Poland is one of the charming countries in Europe. The country is blessed with good soil, natural landscapes, and fine weather. It also boasts of excellent educational facilities, affordable healthcare, and a low cost of living. Its many attributes attract tourists and migrants across the world. If you want to move to Poland from the UK, you must know Poland’s formal and informal things. 

Important Things to Know about Poland before Moving

What do you know about Poland? Poland is the infamous country of pierogi and potatoes. Before migrating, you must know key things about the people, culture, and economy. 

Low Salaries

Getting a high-paying job in Poland is near impossible. The salary rate is considerably lower than in other EU countries. However, this fact doesn’t cancel the chances of finding jobs with good salaries. You’ll only need to reside and seek employment in major cities like Gdansk, Krakow, and Warsaw.

You would expect that a low salary rate equals a low tax rate. Sadly, it is the opposite in Poland. Over 30% of the country’s GDP is derived from taxing individuals and corporations. 

Cheap to Inhabit

The low cost of living complements the low salaries. Poland is considerably cheaper than any EU country. In 2016, Poland was ranked the 12th cheapest country to live in. Plus, Polish people don’t spend Euros. They have their currency called Zlotys (PLN). 1 PLN is equivalent to 0.18 pound sterling. 

The Language

The official language here is Polish. Many indigenes appreciate it if you can speak Polish. Even if you cannot, many Polish people understand and speak English. You should also know that people above 40 seldom speak English.

The People

An average polish man is friendly and welcoming to strangers. Even though they have stern facial appearances, they are always quick to lend a hand. The polish also believes in family and maintains a close-knit relationship with their immediate family. 

The majority of the people in Poland are white and Christians. So, they usually express cultural shock at other colors and religions. There are seldom cases of racism; nevertheless, you can expect one from a drunken man at the bar.

How to Move to Poland from the UK

Here are guides on how to move to Poland from the UK without any hitch.

As an Individual

If you are relocating to Poland, you’ll need to register with the local authorities. Persons who are moving to Poland from UK will require a residence permit. This permit is vital if you plan to stay in Poland for more than three months. These are some of the documents necessary to get a residence permit as a UK citizen:

  • Application form for EU citizens’ residence registration
  • Travel document
  • Proof of funds

It is essential to know that there are two Polish residence permits—temporary and permanent residence permits. The temporary is valid for two years, while the permanent residence is valid for life. The temporary residence permit can be renewed upon expiration. To get a permanent residence permit, you must have stayed in Poland for at least five years. Currently, a temporary residence permit costs PLN 350 plus PLN50 for the cost of card issuance. 

As a Student

European nationals can easily migrate to Poland for studies. You would only need a national passport or any valid ID card. European citizens who intend to stay for more than three months would need a residency permit. 

For those who are moving from the UK but are not European citizens, you’ll need a visa. If you want to study for an extended period, a long-term national visa is required. This national visa is valid for a year. You’ll also need a temporary residence permit. Students can get renewable permits which last up to 15months.

If you plan to stay for 90 days, a Schengen visa will suffice. What is a Schengen Visa? The Schengen visa allows its holder to travel freely into any country in the Schengen area. 

To get a student visa, the following documents are required;

  • Visa application form
  • Valid passport
  • Passport photographs
  • Polish university letter of acceptance
  • Resume and cover letter
  • Proof of English or Polish proficiency
  • Health Insurance
  • Proof of Funds
  • Proof of student accommodation
  • Travel document
  • Previous certificates

As a Worker

European citizens do not require a visa or permit to work in Poland. However, non-European nationals require a work visa, work permit, and residence permit. There are different types of work permits. Work permit Type A, C, E, and entrepreneur visa. Before obtaining a work permit, your employer must submit the necessary documents. Depending on the permit type, a work permit costs about PLN 50 to PLN 200. 

Can a UK Citizen Become a Poland Citizen?

Yes, a UK citizen can get Polish citizenship. You can apply for Polish citizenship if you have;

  • Legally stayed continuously in Poland for ten years
  • Stable source of income and accommodation
  • Permanent residence permit

Final Thoughts

Poland is one great country to inhabit. People often choose the country for its low cost of living and simple lifestyle. If you want to move to Poland, you can migrate as a student or worker. Before relocating, make sure to know the visa requirements, applicable permit, and the way of life.

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