A Comprehensive Guide To Malaysia

Asia is a massive continent, so big in fact that many of its most incredible countries often get overlooked. Never has that statement been truer than with Malaysia.

The tropical nation sits in the south-eastern region of Asia, and it has enjoyed a relatively peaceful existence. That is one of the reasons why it has become such a highly sought-after destination for tourists; however, this country has so much more to offer. So, sit back as we discuss everything you need to know about Malaysia so that it becomes a place on your radar, as it should be.


Malaysia might be one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but that does not mean that things have been easy for the country. As you may guess from looking at the incredible place and its location, Malaysia has a rich and varied history.

Malaysia’s history started over 40,000 years ago in the tribal age. Both Hindu and Buddhist colonies chose to call this country their home, and those who worship Islam arrived in the 3rd century. Originally called Malaya, the country of Malaysia enjoyed several thousand years of peace until the British colonized the area in 1867. However, Malaysia and Singapore joined forces in 1957 to avoid conflict with China, freeing both nations from the British Empire. Once the communist movement slowed its spread across Asia, Malaysia was finally able to claim independence in 1963.


One thing that makes Malaysia such a unique country is that it does not go through the same four seasons like most other places. The climate in this part of the world can be described as tropical. Therefore, the weather will remain dry and humid during the warmer months between March, April, and May. Heavy showers of rain are expected to fall from September through to November; however, the monsoon seasons are supposed to ease up in the run-up to Malaysian summer.

Temperatures in the hotter months are not as high as you might expect. An average day during the dryer period will see temperatures peak at around 39 degrees Celsius, and lows of around 27 degrees. Unfortunately, you won’t experience snow or ice in this part of the world; however, Malaysia has a lot more to offer.


Since Malaysia is a tropical nation, you will find that its wildlife consists mainly of jungle creatures that are suited to the island’s landscape. Thick trees and luscious greenery play home to tapirs, sun bears, and the crab-eating macaque, while the clear blue oceans on the coast are filled with dolphins, sea turtles, and dugongs. As you can see there is no shortage in the range of wildlife in this part of the world, and that isn’t even scratching the surface.

Malaysia plays host to several more dangerous animals, such as the bull shark and leopard cat; however, the title of the most famous animal to find a home in Malaysia belongs to the fabled Malayan tiger. These majestic cats once made their home in the jungles of Malaysia but have since grown sparse due to hunting and climate change. The Malaysian tiger is the country’s national animal, so it would be a shame to see it disappear from the wild.


The main exports in Malaysia are electronic goods and machinery, just like its neighbor Singapore. Therefore, the country’s economy is doing rather well in the modern market. Residents will be happy to know that Malaysia is the only country in Asia nearly performing as well as the USA when it comes to per capita gross, the only Asian country to outperform the USA being Singapore.

The second-largest economy in Malaysia comes from tourism. The island receives around 25 million visitors each year, and many people who visit Malaysia choose to stay due to its thriving business industry. What’s more, finding real estate is easy with Property Guru. If you are looking for a Rimbayu house for sale, this will be the place to go.


Malaysia is like most Asian countries, having to create a cuisine based on what the land around it provides. Fortunately, the island nation provides a variety of food options. Rice and noodles are the most prominent side dishes; however, these can be coupled with a variety of different meats and kinds of seafood.

For example, Laksa combines spiced noodles with fish cakes, and Char Kway Tiao is another dish that uses rice, prawns, and bean sprouts. However, the most famous food in this country is definitely the durian fruit. It has a distinctive taste and even more distinctive smell. Therefore, it takes a lot for tourists to give this local delicacy a try.


The best way to gain an accurate picture of a new country is by learning about it. Therefore, you should now have a comprehensive idea of what a country like Malaysia has to offer. It is a vibrant place full of variety, so make sure you get out there and visit.

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