A.N.J.A. Gives Punk Feminine Energy in Her New Song ‘A-Bomb’ [LISTEN]

With Kate Bush regaining popularity with a song appearance in the latest Stranger Things season, A.N.J.A.’s latest song delivers anotehr track that new and old fans of Bush can enjoy—”A-Bomb.”

The song, which almost feels like a protest track, provides an edgy sound that will make you want to dramatically sing and dance with your best black lipstick on. “Let’s make history/put me out of my misery/let ourself be free/and we’ll fly fly fly fly fly,” she sings in the song.

“‘A-Bomb’ is inspired by real life predators and power imbalances. The lyrics are a journey through dirty cityscapes and outskirts of depraved humanity. The song dances around the inevitability of human decay. Crime lingering around every corner,” said A.N.J.A. in a statement to press. “It’s a criticism of messed up humanity, oppression, and danger within a superficial society where the incapability’s of law enforcement and failed justice systems are ubiquitous and grinding.”

Listen to the song below.

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