Meditation Teacher Andrew Ruoti’s Album Explores Overcoming Adversity and Trauma and Transforming it Into Resilience

Between the everlasting pandemic, the Supreme Court overturning landmark civil rights and environmental cases, and persistent horrors stemming from racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, and more, there’s plenty of adversity and trauma in the world. But musician and meditation teacher Andrew Ruoti hopes to help guide listeners facing adversity and trauma into a path to resilience with his new album, Odessey.

“During this pandemic, everyone feels a certain level of isolation and to a degree even social deprivation,” said Ruoti in a statement provided to the press. “The album is not only about my own personal journey, but the journey of the collective…everyone in the world navigating through these challenging and uncertain times. In that way, the album has a very relatable quality to it.”

The lead single “Trials and Tribulations,” is a testament to that. The song begins as if a new beginning is on the horizon with synths taking over. The sound of a plucking guitar slowly begins to join in before it’s a euphoric medley of sounds that may just make a listener feel like everything is going to be okay.

The other songs in the five-track album vary in sound including the haunting opening track “State of the World,” the upbeat and lighthearted “Special Day,” the rock-heavy “Deconstruct,” and meditation rock “Odivisha” which sounds like a release of pain.

The album will be released on July 15. Listen to the first single here.

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