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Writers join the platform to publish journalistic articles, create top content and participate in the debate.

The Urban Twist exists to empower contributors with critical thinking messages, and that are capable of having an intelligent discussion on all types of topics. The technology used helps contributors gain a following, build exposure, and improve their writing skills.

New writers benefit from feedback and writing tips from other members of the writing or marketing community, as well as our professional editorial staff.  Experienced writers who enjoy encouraging talent have a chance to mentor and shape the voices of the future. The Urban Twist employs many resources to help writers reach their full potential. has seen some phenomenal growth and here is what we can offer you:

  • Your articles will appear on our homepage and be viewed by our primarily U.S and Canada based readership
  • Syndicate your content right to top news of sites like Google News and Bing News networks
  • Get published as soon as your article is manually reviewed by our professional editing staff.
  • You’ll get exposure by writing for one of the nation’s leading online urban entertainment and social media mags out.
  • Your article will get social media promotion through our ever-growing twitter and Facebook channels.
  • Articles are shared on our social media pages – 100k+ followers
  • Top articles will be included in our email mailing list of 15,000+ recipients
  • Create a professional author profile and link to your social network and website/blog
  • Automatically entered into all TUT competitions
  • Selected contributors will be offered regular paid writing opportunities.

By contributing to, you gain credibility, get published, and could also make some money. The amount of money depends on the quality, volume, comprehensiveness and other factors of the article.

You can learn more about our compensation plan here.


In order to maintain the quality of our articles, each article written for will need to correspond with our style and guidelines before it is published. There are also rules (see below).  As such, we cannot promise that all articles written will be published.

To ensure that your articles meet our criteria and expectations, below are some guidelines you can follow.

Our main areas of interest are:

  • News Articles: This one is self explanatory.  Anything trending on the world wide web or breaking news would apply here. News articles could cover any category and topics that we cover on our site.  Some examples can be seen below in our rules section.
  • Viral News Stories: Stories that are going viral and have created great discussion among those who have seen or heard about the story.  A good example of a recent viral story would be Charlo Greene quitting her reporter job live on air.
  • Music, Film, and Video Games Reviews.
  • List posts.
  • Original News Stories: You’re the reporter.  You’ve discovered this bit of news, so why not report it on our site?  Let your creativity and freedom of expression run wild with these kind of pieces.
  • Op-Ed  News Articles: These kind of articles are the backbone of what The Urban Twist is all about.  We love for our writers to share their opinion or “twist”, as we like to call it, on a wide variety of subjects that are near to them.  These kind of pieces are specially created to form some sort of dialog and feedback with our readers.  Whether good or bad feedback is given, creating discussion is critical with these kinds of articles.


Anyone! We do not necessarily require you to have any experience as an established writer or blogger. However, if you do not have a blog for us to take a look at, we would need to take a look at some of your sample writings.

One important factor is that you need to know and be certain that you can write well; possessing good writing skills is critical.

Please note that NOT all submissions or applicants will be accepted. In order to maintain a high quality for our articles, every article will undergo a review by our panel of reviewers before acceptance.

Only original and unpublished articles will be accepted. Once your article has been published, it will belong to The Urban Twist and you cannot republished it without our written permission.

The Urban Twist is dedicated to sharing high-quality articles with our readership, and we reserve the right to decline or remove any article that we consider does not reach the standards we have set, without stating reasons.

Currently, we are sorry that we can only accept English articles, though extensions to other languages cannot be ruled out in the future.

We are against content theft and plagiarism. Do write in your own words and give necessary credit (by usually linking) in your work.



Please follow the instructions below:

  • Fill out our writer’s application below.  Make sure you give us a brief but distinctive description of yourself, your expertise/skills and your topics of interest.
  • Attach URLs to some of your work, portfolio and examples (Just URLs will do).
  • Suggest topics you specialize in or are passionate about and the types of articles you would like to write for us. It will be easier if you indicate the proposed article title and a brief summary.

We are interested in forging long-term collaborations with our writers. We’ll provide you with detailed guidelines and suggestions, so you will know exactly what we expect and what we are interested in.

We are not interested in SEO companies or anyone trying to link-bait using our site to guest posts and articles that are not related to our core audience.  If we accept you, and find that you’re stuffing your articles with keywords, we have the right to terminate our contributor agreement.

Also Please Note: Just because you apply to become a writer on our site doesn’t guarantee that we will accept you.  We hold that the quality of our content is always at a high standard and take the review process very seriously to ensure that authors and articles that are accepted fits the mold of the site.


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