TUT Writers Compensation Plan (Get Paid to Write)

Writers Compensation Plan (Get Paid to Write)

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Are you a writer looking for exciting new opportunities? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for enough work to keep you busy on a regular basis, or just the odd freelance gig we have several openings for journalists and content creators to both report news and work with leading brands. To get started, we need to get you on the TUT platform so start by applying for an account.

Many noteworthy online publications that receive content from bloggers believe that by publishing their material, the author should be satisfied enough that their work is read and published in a widely circulated newspaper, magazine or journal.

We have believed in this model in the past, but now believe that we should be held accountable to all writers and submissions published in any of our publications.

Our compensation model is designed to reward writers who produce quality news and information. Not only do we financially reward our writers based on quality content, but we also provide robust free training and ongoing, unlimited support.

We teach our writers how to maximize their earning potential by providing access to more than 100,000 engaged followers on social media.

Our writers have the luxury of being able to promote their own articles for free to this active audience, increasing traffic to their articles and bolstering their personal earnings. We also have a free promotional program for writers who have limited time, as we tirelessly work behind the scenes to push articles through all of our social media channels, and this greatly enhances our writers’ personal income streams.

TheUrbanTwist.com shares advertising revenue with TUT Journalists who report news and help us grow the community. The ad revenue is divided among all journalists based on how much they contribute, and how much attention their articles receive.

Our payment system now offers more incentive and extra bonuses. The following is an overview of how payments are calculated with a detailed explanation below.

Payment Overview

Once your application is approved, you will be paid to report news. We’ve devised a way to make sure all contributors could get paid for their work. Unlike most websites where bloggers post for free (and the company takes in all the ad revenue), TheUrbanTwist.com shares a portion of its advertising revenue with all TUT Journalists through revenue earned from their own submissions.

At the beginning of the month, all accounts that exceed $50 will receive an email notification to collect payment via PayPal or by check. All earnings are in U.S. dollars.

How much should you expect to earn? You will make anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per month, depending on how active you are and how popular your posts are.

1.) Each post you write is GUARANTEED to earn at least $1 per 1,000 views, plus commissions based on pageviews, social media shares (Facebook and Twitter), and bounce rate.

Please remember that TheUrbanTwist.com is a news aggregation service as we put our spin or “twist” to the news with an urban appeal, and to earn money from your posts, your post must meet two main requirements.

Your post must be of a news-like nature until we can get more familiar with one another and you can then begin to branch off on your own with your own writings and ideas. Your article should be on something that you know people would want to read, or is searching for on Google in other words. The more recent the story, the better as our site deals in current affairs and news. Think HuffPost, Yahoo News, Mashable, and other similar sites like these. Having experience in news writing is definitely a plus but if you have the drive, this skill can be obtained quite easily.

Your article must be at least 350 words to be properly indexed by Google News, Bing News, and other search engines.

Following these two guidelines and with a well researched article on breaking news, a television show recap, film review, or something simply funny and entertaining, it’s not hard to imagine seeing your article views skyrocket. It doesn’t take much for one of your articles to go viral and bring you some fame and glory, along with some hard-earned cash as well.

Our income model is based on a Cost Per Impression arrangement, also called CPM. This term refers to the cost of internet marketing or email advertising campaigns where advertisers pay for every time an ad is displayed, and not necessarily clicked upon. This is important and pivotal to your success as we are not soliciting that the ads displayed on your posts have to be clicked for you to earn money. You earn money based on views and not clicks. Period.

The starting rate is $1.00 per 1,000 unique page-views. After your first 10 posts go live on our site, we will then bump your rate to $3 per 1,000 unique views and this change will retroactively cover all of your preëxisting articles up to that point as well. To maintain this ranking of $3 per 1,000 views, you must post at least 3 articles weekly.

Now, this might not seem like a lot but if you were to multiply that by all the posts that you will be writing for the site and keep in mind that this will be for the lifetime of your article, and it’s easy to see how your articles can easily garner thousands of views and generate passive income.

This handy table best illustrates that. This chart does not factor in the guaranteed bonuses and things of that nature. Just the pageviews.  The $3 rate is in parentheses.

Total Unique Page ViewsPay
20,000 page views$20 ($60)
40,000 page views$40 ($120)
60,000 page views$60 ($180)
100,000 page view maximum$100 ($300)

We are also willing to negotiate for a higher rate with those who have shown a consistent ability to bring in lots of traffic through their quality writings and fan base.

2). We also offer bonuses for doing extra work such as ed/op columns, reviews, on-the-ground reporting and interviews. To claim these bonuses, you must claim them on assignment first. And to be eligible for assignment, you must have at least 10 posts on site to be eligible.

These bonuses range from $5 to $25 in addition to everything else described up to this point.

PLEASE NOTE: If you write for a major publication and you bring your own reader base to the table please email our editor Brennen Jones directly at BrennenJones [at] theurbantwist.com. We offer a very competitive performance based package and are willing to entertain discussions for your services.

If you have a large social media following or readers who specifically visit your pages to read what you write you will likely receive very nice bonuses for your posted work. We never cap earnings and our bonuses on top of CPM pay can be very lucrative for writers who bring readers to the table.


Once you’ve published at least one story on TheUrbanTwist.com, we’ll start evaluating your work for bigger opportunities. If you are good and demonstrate a strong subject matter expertise we will reach out to you for writing opportunities with our/newsrooms division. These opportunities will involve paid work outside of TheUrbanTwist.com.

We work with brands all over the world on everything from reporting, to corporate writing, to content marketing. In this stage we look for skilled writers who have deep subject expertise (i.e. if you’re a food blogger, we want to see you being active on TheUrbanTwist.com to know what you’re capable of) and we actively look across all of The Urban Twist’s categories. Because our client base is so diverse, we want talent for business, finance, sports, entertainment, automotive, food, environment, health & wellness, music, arts, travel, technology and more. These jobs pay very competitive rates and often come with great perks.

We look at weekly reports indicating who the top contributors are, and as we bring on more writers, we recruit from the stable of top talent. The more you know your space, the more likely we are to tap you for a gig.

So start by applying to become a TUT Journalist by clicking here. You can also tell us more about your expertise and the types of opportunities you’re looking for on the application.

How Do I Get Paid

Currently we are only paying out through PayPal. We are looking to offer direct deposit in the near future.

In order to get paid you need to have all your information filled out in your “Paypal email” section in your profile. Click here to learn more about editing your profile.

You will be paid the value of your finalized earnings, provided they have met the minimum $50 USD Payment threshold.

When Do I Get Paid

Payments are issued on a NET 45 basis. NET 45 means your payment will be sent 45 days after the closing of the month in which you generated the minimum payment. Earnings that do not reach the payment threshold will be rolled over into the following month. This allows us a grace period to check and make sure all stat reports are correct before issuing payment.

To make things easier, we’ve compiled this handy chart below.

Closing Month (Pay Date)

January (March 15th)

February (April 15th)

March (May 15th)

April (June 15th)

May (July 15th)

June (August 15th)

July (September 15th)

August (October 15th)

September (November 15th)

October (December 15th)

November (January 15th)

December (February 15th)


In order to get paid, we need your legal name, physical mailing address and PayPal address.  All of this information will be 100% private.  Finally, you must agree to our terms and conditions.

This is to protect both ourselves as well as the other active members of TheUrbanTwist.com.


When you log into your account, and click the “My Article Earnings” link in the menu bar, you will see your stats. You can select a specific date range, but as a default we have it set to show the last 365 days worth of information.

As you can see, it shows you right away how many total posts you have written within the specified timeframe. It also shows you the total payment you have earned so far and total payment that is due. When first starting out, these two numbers will be the same until you get your first payment. Once you get your first payment, you will see that the “total payment” column will wind up being your total accrual on money earned and “due pay” is upcoming payments that haven’t been paid out yet.

If you click on your name you will see even more detailed information where it breaks down how many views each of your posts have received.  This is helpful because it shows you the kind of posts that may or may not be working for you.

It’s important to note that while these numbers are generally accurate, some fluctuations can occur and numbers can go up or down slightly depending on a number of factors.  Page views are tracked by Google with their Google Analytics tool, which is a highly recommended stat tracking resource that pretty much all websites use to analyze their data.


Select writers who aggressively produce multiple writing assignments daily will be offered bonuses along with possible monthly stipends, in addition to the commissions they earn. In addition, these select writers will have an opportunity for advancement into various Editorial roles.

Managing Editors, Senior Editors and Senior Correspondents that consistently work toward recruiting new members, training members, distributing assignments to writers and who publish at least 2 articles per day may be offered a share of the income that writers under them would generate.

A Managing Editor, Senior Editor or Senior Correspondent becomes eligible to take part in this equity ownership program after he or she has satisfactorily executed the duties stated above for 6 consecutive months OR has the insight and knowledge to hit the ground running with their own team right away.  Any subordination or break during the probationary period is grounds for disqualification.

Once a member has been invited to take part in our Editorial/Ownership Program, he/she will be required to keep up a productive and satisfactory working relationship within our media group.


Fraud is a sensitive subject and while nobody likes to talk about, but it needs to be noted we take fraud very seriously.  Accounts found to be engaging in fraudulent activity will have all revenue revoked and will be subject to a lifetime ban from The Urban Twist.  Fraudulent activity includes clicking or soliciting ad clicks from users, advertisement via pop ups, traffic sent via malware, among other things that would cause our advertisers to lose money.  A good rule of thumb, is that if something seems even remotely shady, it is best to avoid it. For a more extensive list please visit our Terms and Conditions page.


As a publisher you will generate income.  Every Country has different laws in regards to reporting income for tax purposes.  As a publisher you are solely responsible for reporting this information to your local government to pay taxes.  TheUrbanTwist.com will not pay out extra revenue to cover local taxes under any circumstance.

Please Note: If you are fortunate enough to earn at least $600 dollars from us in any given calendar year, we will have to further authenticate your identity for our own tax purposes and issue you a 1099-MISC at the end of the year.  This is only applicable to writers who live in the United States.  You would then be required to report this to the Internal Revenue Service as we will be reporting it with them as well.  If you don’t authenticate yourself at the time of you crossing the $600 threshold, it could delay you from receiving future payments.

Here’s a handy article that explains the 1099-MISC process.  And as always when it comes to taxes, if you don’t know much about taxes, it’s always wise to consult with a professional.  You can also read more about self-employment and 1099-MISC’s on the IRS website.

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