Matthew Rash

Matthew Rash

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Matthew is an Graduate MBA student at Indiana University. He is involved in data analysis, market research, and statistics. He enjoys reading, writing and community involvement.
Politcal Parties
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Are Political Parties Inefficient?

The presidential race for 2016 is heating up. This election is on pace to be the costliest of all time. Relatively few donors are contributing large amounts in order to protect their interests. Will it work?
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Why Do We Still Need Oil?

Climate change is a major topic in the political and scientific world. The divide in partisan leadership is reinforced with this topic. If climate change has generated such a unified understanding, why do we continue to use oil?
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McDonald’s is in Big Trouble

McDonald's has recently implemented a new strategy to obtain more customers. Much to the delight of customers, the plan may be just the beginning of the end for the fast food giant.
NBA Champion Odom
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The Collapse of Lamar Odom

Lamar Odom is back in headlines. This time it is not related to basketball or championship rings. This article attempts to take a deeper look into the life of Lamar Odom and former basketball player's personal collapse.