Nicki Minaj Ghostwriter Drama: P-Kash talks about Ghostwriters and Ghostwriting

P-Kash brings up Nicki Minaj during a radio interview about a ghostwriting.

It’s been a long way from the days of Artist being in secret deals with ghostwriters. This generation has no idea what it would cost to have a ghostwriter and to get revealed as having one.

From Queen Pen, to Foxy Brown and now Nicki Minaj, Female emcees have no doubt been involved with not only being the name credited for writing their music.  Jay-Z, Biggie, Teddy Riley, Safaree and more have been around female rappers and even had to push a lil help for their music.

P-Kash has been known for being a lyricist not to be worked with and Nicki Minaj also gets busy. But recently on New York City’s radio station, Power 105, P-Kash was on air and was asked about a “female rapper from Queens.”

Everyone in the studio took head and thought of Nicki Minaj. The story gets even deeper, back in the days of her come up, PKashh and Nicki Minaj were both following their dreams and happened to bump heads. Nicki Minaj at that time had a strong point to prove about Female emcees to write their own music. She always stated that she “wrote her own” until Safaree had made claims of ghostwriting her music after they had a bad break up. Safaree stated he co-wrote for Nicki Minaj while talking to a host on Vlad TV.

P-kash then went on to say on Power 105 radio that he asked Nicki Minaj if he can write for her. The spicy Minaj pretty much called him a fruit snack and told him that SHE could make HIM a star. P-kash didn’t take it lightly and told her to stop having sex with Lil Wayne and learn how to make it withought giving up the “rusty box”. He then says “Ten years later the news revealed that she had ten ghost writers” Rumor has it P-kash wrote for Queen pen, a female rapper in New York, song entitled Party aint a party”. The disconnect comes when they could have not spoke about it, but rather let the “celebritiness” take this into media.

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