Lawyers Blame ‘Low Income’ Upbringing For Kodak Black’s Behavior

Kodak’s lawyers argue that his upbringing is what’s influenced his poor decisions as of late.

While prosecutors claim he’s a threat/danger to society, lawyers for Florida rapper Kodak Black are pushing for his federal custody release, arguing that he’s truly innocent and that his “low income” upbringing is what’s influenced his poor decisions.

Additionally, The Blast reports that Kodak’s legal team submitted paperwork, detailing why their client should be allowed to post a $500,000 bond for release, claiming, “Kodak grew up in Golden Acres, a small, barracks like cluster of public housing originally built in the late 1940s to house farm workers [, which] spans just over 80 acres and over 170 units [and similar to other ‘low income housing tracts,’ it came with crime and drugs].”

In addition, Kodak responded to his drug use, explaining he has a valid license to use cannabis, and truly believed he was never in violation of using “illegal drugs,” since he had a doctor’s recommendation.

It’s obvious that Kodak’s lawyers are taking the Affluenza approach in regards to his latest situation. Only time will tell if he gets a similar sentence to Ethan Couch, who successfully used this as part of his defense when he drunkenly killed four people and was only sentenced to 10 years of probation.

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