How to choose the perfect online bingo game

Bingo has always been a popular pastime, long before the digital era and if anything, its online counterpart…

Bingo has always been a popular pastime, long before the digital era and if anything, its online counterpart has revitalized a game that some considered dated. If you’re new to online Bingo, you may find it a little more overwhelming than heading to a dedicated brick-and-mortar hall. The choice of games and budgets is endless, while the chatrooms are thriving with social activity. If you want to get into online Bingo, but don’t know where to start, read on as we’ll delve into all you need to know.

How many balls?

If you’re used to playing Bingo in a traditional hall, the chances are, you are familiar with the 90-ball format, with 90 being known as ‘top of the shop’. Venture into the world of online Bingo and there are different versions of the game, with varying numbers of balls – the most common being 75-ball and 80-ball, in addition to 90-ball Bingo.

75-ball Bingo cards will consist of 24 numbers arranged in a square (5×5), with a symbol (usually a star) in the middle. This is a free space. Winners are the first to complete a line or specific pattern, depending on the game you have chosen. In 80-ball Bingo, the cards consist of 16 numbers arranged in a square (4×4), while the 90-ball game is played on a card of 15 numbers over three rows. Each row will have five numbers with blank spaces, much like a traditional Bingo card. Successful winners will be the first to land a single line, double line and full house.

What is your budget?

The beauty of online Bingo is that it caters to all budgets. Cards can be purchased at a minimum of 1p, with the most expensive being 50p or £1. You can buy as many cards for each game as you like. But one thing to be aware of is that the most expensive games don’t always have the biggest prizes. It may also seem obvious but the more cards you buy, the greater chance you have of winning. Always play within your means and if that means one or two cards at a time, so be it – your luck may still be in.

Themes and side games

When it comes to online Bingo, the options are endless. The growing popularity means that there are more and more different games popping up. Maybe you’d rather play a themed game based on a popular TV show or ancient mythology. Or in fact, you’re just getting to grips with the game and would rather join the newbie room with like-minded people. If you’re a new player, you’ll be able to have a free-run in one of these rooms while you get to grips with the speed and thrill of the game – with the option of winning without actually spending money. Alternatively, some online casinos don’t solely offer Bingo – Bingo Slots and Bingo scratch cards are also available. Online Slots and Bingo combine the best of both fast-paced, thrilling worlds all under one roof. Maybe you’re waiting for your Bingo game to start and fancy a spin of the reels, or just want two chances of winning a mega jackpot. 

Learn the lingo

The same way traditional Bingo has specific calls for each number, online Bingo has its own lingo too. Not quite in the same manner as ‘droopy drawers – 44’, but in the chatroom. Online Bingo is equally as sociable as its land-based equivalent and chatrooms such as the ones found at are often a hive of chatter – before, after or even during games. It’s best to learn the terminology before you start so you can get involved, otherwise, you won’t know what to say when someone says ‘WTG’ after another player has said ‘1TG’. Of course, choosing games with fewer players will improve your chances of winning, but if you’re looking to make friends or at least socialize while you play, choose the more popular rooms.

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