Mississippi School District Will Host Drive-Thru Graduation For 2020 Seniors

These types of graduations may be coming soon.

Our society looks a lot different these days. From graduations to weddings, everything has changed. But one high school isn’t going to let the viral pandemic stop their students from celebrating their high school graduation.

Bay-Waveland School District, in South Mississippi, is having a drive-thru graduation ceremony. Similar to a drive-in movie theater, the 2020 graduates and their families will still be able to enjoy the occasion.

In a non-traditional way, the Bay High students and their parents will be picked up in volunteer Jeeps, according to WLOX.

“Graduates and their parents will park in the Bay High parking lot, where someone driving a Jeep – or a “volunteer Jeeper” as the district calls them – and will pick the student and their parents up. The Jeep will take the senior to the football stadium.”

Upon arrival at the football stadium, they will remain in their jeeps and listen to speeches from the valedictorian and salutatorian.

“Once all the Jeeps are parked, everyone will remain in their vehicles while the administration, valedictorian and salutatorian deliver their commencement speeches. Similar to an old-fashioned drive-in movie, the district will broadcast the speeches on public radio. It will also be broadcast on Facebook Live.”

After the graduation ceremony, a procession of Jeeps will travel to the viewing area. The graduates will have their picture taken and will be given a baseball cap, instead of the traditional cap.

“Once the speeches are over, the procession of Jeeps will travel to the Bay-Waveland School District viewing area, where each senior will be given their diploma and professionally photographed. This moment would also be streamed live.”

While the parade is going on, the district will have tents for family members, no more than 10 people, per social-distancing rules.

“Each graduate will have their own tent that can be decorated with signs celebrating their achievements. Those tents will be allowed to have up to 10 people, with 4-5 parking spaces next to each tent for the student’s loved ones.”
Once the parade is over, the Jeep will take the student and families back to their vehicles.

This sounds like a good option, when compared to not being able to have a graduation at all.

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