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#ArtistTalk: DeAndre Brackensick – American Idol Alum is All Grown Up Now With His Music

DeAndre Brackensick is far from your average 18 year old. Just out of high school, DeAndre already has his calendar full with the promotion of his new youthful single, "Her Crazy". Not to mention his already established group of fans called the "Dre Dreamers". Humble and well mannered, DeAndre took a moment to talk to The Urban Twist about how it is to be so young in the music biz, and how his life has changed since American Idol.
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TJ Fredette: From One Dream to the Next

TJ Fredette for the past several years has been seen assisting his little brother Jimmer with his ascenscion to the top of the college basketball world, and with he and his brother Jimmer’s dream of Jimmer playing in the NBA almost complete, TJ is now completely focused to move onto his next goal and that is to make it in the world of the music industry.