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Internship Interview

This is the interview process. Please take your time and read through the questions before getting started to give yourself an idea of what this test is about.

You can also reread the instructions in the email that brought you to this page before you begin, to have a better understanding of what's expected on this form. Have this form completed and sent back to us by the due date specified in that email.

You can respond to that email if you have any further questions.
  • Part I

    Find 2 Stories that are hot or popular at the moment that would be of interest to our readers. Remember that Google is your friend. 🙂

    Write a short article (300-500 words) on the first story as if is the first one reporting it, i.e. taking story that you find and putting it into your own words with any quotes if needed.

    Take the 2nd story and do the same, but this time add or give your opinion or "twist" to the story instead of just reporting it. For example, if you find a story about 'Kim Kardashian getting divorced", instead of focusing on the aspect of her getting divorced since there are many other articles on the web talking about that, you may want to give your opinion on why or how this divorce will "kill her career" or something like that or you may even want to go against the grain and defend Kim Kardashian in your article. Your opinion of course is totally up to you but remember that for this type of article and blog post you're basically taking a story, adding your opinion to it, and making it your own. This type of post is basically an Op-Ed type piece.
  • You can type out your article here or copy/paste it from a word document.
  • You can type out your article here or copy/paste it from a word document.
  • We just want to know more about your research pattern.
  • Part II

    These questions go a little bit deeper into working with and gaining contacts for interviews and press passes. Try to answer the questions to the best of your abilities.

    The bulk of your work with us will pertain mostly to writing articles as you have done in Part I, but there are times when we may need you to contact someone on our behalf or set up interviews for either yourself or another member or the staff to follow through on, and that's what this round focuses on.
  • Again Google is your friend. Answer the question the best way you can. There is no right or wrong answer.
  • Hint: Most festivals and events have a media contact page.
  • Part III

    These questions are really brief compared to the last two sections and tests your knowledge of social media and how it should be used for our site in particular. Try to answer the questions to the best of your abilities.

    We will then review all 3 sections of this interview process and get back to you as soon as we can and let you know whether or not you've been accepted into the program.

    Either I, or one of our staff will call you and we will touch on some of your answers previously given and answer any questions that you may have about this position.

    We will then begin to train you in all phases of what's expected and go back over some of your answers then more elaborately.

  • Paste URL(s) or give username(s) below
  • We will try our best to accomodate this day and time to discuss the internship with you after you have been notified through email of whether or not you've been acepted.

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