How Much Ad Revenue Does The Urban Twist Share with the Blogger?

The Urban Twist rewards users for participating in the site, and the revenue share system is tied to a user’s participation.

Basically the more you write, the more you can possibly make.

Our compensation model is designed to reward writers who produce quality news and information. Not only do we financially reward our writers based on quality content, but we also provide robust free training and ongoing, unlimited support.

We teach our writers how to maximize their earning potential by providing access to more than 100,000 engaged followers on social media.

Our writers have the luxury of being able to promote their own articles for free to this active audience, increasing traffic to their articles and bolstering their personal earnings. We also have a free promotional program for writers who have limited time, as we tirelessly work behind the scenes to push articles through all of our social media channels, and this greatly enhances our writers’ personal income streams. shares advertising revenue with TUT Journalists who report news and help us grow the community. The ad revenue is divided among all journalists based on how much they contribute, and how much attention their articles receive.

Our payment system now offers more incentive and extra bonuses. The following is an overview of how payments are calculated with a detailed explanation below.

Payment Overview

Once your application is approved, you will be paid to report news. We’ve devised a way to make sure all contributors could get paid for their work. Unlike most websites where bloggers post for free (and the company takes in all the ad revenue), The Urban Twist shares a portion of its advertising revenue with all TUT Journalists through revenue earned from their own submissions.

How much should you expect to earn? You will make anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars per month, depending on how active you are and how popular your posts are.

Please remember that The Urban Twistis a news aggregation service as we put our spin or “twist” to the news with an urban appeal, and to earn money from your posts, your post must meet two main requirements.

1.) Your post must be of a news-like nature until we can get more familiar with one another and you can then begin to branch off on your own with your own writings and ideas. Your article should be on something that you know people would want to read, or is searching for on Google in other words. The more recent the story, the better as our site deals in current affairs and news.Think HuffPost, Yahoo News, Mashable, and other similar sites like these. Having experience in news writing is definitely a plus but if you have the drive, this skill can be obtained quite easily.

Think HuffPost, Yahoo News, Mashable, and other similar sites like these. Having experience in news writing is definitely a plus but if you have the drive, this skill can be obtained quite easily.

2.) Your article must be at least 350 words to be properly indexed by Google News, Bing News, and other search engines.

Following these two guidelines and with a well-researched article on breaking news, a television show recap, film review, or something simply funny and entertaining, it’s not hard to imagine seeing your article views skyrocket. It doesn’t take much for one of your articles to go viral and bring you some fame and glory, along with some hard-earned cash as well.

Each post you write is GUARANTEED to earn at least $1 per 1,000 views, plus commissions based on unique pageviews, social media shares (Facebook and Twitter), and bounce rate.

Our income model is based on a Cost Per Impression arrangement, also called CPM. This term refers to the cost of internet marketing or email advertising campaigns where advertisers pay for every time an ad is displayed, and not necessarily clicked upon. This is important and pivotal to your success as we are not soliciting that the ads displayed on your posts have to be clicked for you to earn money. You earn money based on views and not clicks. Period.

The starting rate is $1.00 per 1,000 unique page-views. After your first 10 posts go live on our site, we will then bump your rate to $3 per 1,000 unique views and this change will retroactively cover all of your preëxisting articles up to that point as well. To maintain this ranking of $3 per 1,000 views, you must post at least 3 articles weekly.

Now, this might not seem like a lot but if you were to multiply that by all the posts that you will be writing for the site and keep in mind that this will be for the lifetime of your article, and it’s easy to see how your articles can easily garner thousands of views and generate passive income.

This handy table best illustrates that. This chart does not factor in the guaranteed bonuses and things of that nature. Just the pageviews.  The $3 rate is in parentheses.

[table id=1 /]

We are also willing to negotiate for a higher rate with those who have shown a consistent ability to bring in lots of traffic through their quality writings and fan base.

We also offer bonuses for doing extra work such as ed/op columns, reviews, on-the-ground reporting, and interviews. To claim these bonuses, you must claim them on assignment first. And to be eligible for assignment, you must have at least 10 posts on the site to be eligible.

PLEASE NOTE: The maximum amount views we’ll pay for is 100,000, meaning that you can earn up to $300 per post (based on $3 RPM rate), plus any additional bonuses.

Last Update: May 30, 2017  

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