How to Claim Writing Assignments

We know that at times finding something to write about is hard.  Like really hard.  Even harder when you have a bad case of Writer’s block.  These are the reasons why we have put together an assignments hub to help point you in the right direction for those times when you may need a little push.

Some of these assignments are paid bonuses in addition to your regular commissions. Typically, paid assignments are assignments where we’re trying to do certain pieces that help strengthen The Urban Twist’s brand, such as special interview segments and pieces of that nature like our #ArtistTalk segment.

Also, occasionally we may receive requests from advertisers to do a sponsored post or something of that nature and we’ll pass opportunities such as these off to our writers. Now to claim these paid assignments, one must have a role of “author,” meaning that you’ve contributed at least 10 posts to the site and can now post an article on your own without an editor’s approval.

You can access the Assignments Hub two ways, through the dashboard


…or in the sidebar of post editor screen.


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To claim an assignment, click the link to open up the assignment with more detailed info about the story.


Read the instructions about the assignment, and then click on the “Assign to me” link if you feel that this post idea would be a fit for you.


Any assignment you claim will now be marked with an asterisk so that you know your claim went through.  You cannot claim more than one assignment at a time unless you’ve been preapproved to do so.

Please note that once you’ve claimed an assignment, no one else can claim the same assignment.


Whenever you’re ready to write the post, click the “Write it” link.  The “Write it” link will open up the post editor for you.You also have the ability to

You also have the ability to unassign this assignment from yourself in case you changed your mind about it.  By unassigning a post from yourself, it allows someone else to claim it.


If you need a reference point or motivation for the story, click on the “Go to source” link.  You don’t have to limit yourself to just this one source, however.  This is just a starting point.

When you’re finished writing the story, make sure you check the box “Mark as done.”


By doing this, it will remove the assignment from the list completely so that the editors will know to remove it.

Last Update: August 23, 2016  

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