The Article Submission Process

Once you’ve written your article and given it a headline, and followed all of the required steps needed for SEO, then you need to select “pending review” and click “Save as Pending”, from the Publish options.


From here, a editor will review your article. The article will either be published, or you’ll be emailed with suggestions for improvements.

Over time, writers with good editing and writing skills who submit regular and consistently high-quality content will get a regular column on the site, and will be able to publish their own articles directly without approval although the article may still or can be edited.

Please note: If you are not sure or want clarification of whether or not an article idea you have will be suitable for our site, select “Pitch”, and then within the post explain in a few sentences what you want to write about and then click “Save as Pitch”, from the Publish options as described above for “Pending Review”.  We will email you to let you know if we have any questions about what you have outlined and will give you the go ahead to continue and add your content.

Last Update: July 24, 2016  

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