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TheUrbanTwist.com primarily uses Categories, not Tags in describing and organizing our content.

Categories are meta-information used to describe the content of your post. So if you’ve written a post about the reelection of Barack Obama, then the category “Politics” should be used.

It’s okay to use more than one category when needed.  For example, if you do a story on Beyonce’ singing at President Obama’s inauguration, then you may want to use the “Politics” and “Entertainment” categories, or to be more specific, you may use “Music” which is a subcategory underneath the Entertainment category.

Categories help readers find your content by telling them what it’s about (eg: Politics, Entertainment, Music) but are also used with TheUrbanTwist.com to connect related material.

To add a category, look beneath the “Category” heading on the right-hand side of your page. You’ll find a list of available categories, simply scroll down and tick the boxes that apply.

Tags are keywords that tell the audience what the article is about.  They also list subjects within the article.  Tags are important…very important.  Tags help search engines index our site based on things that the public may be searching for.  Include at least 2-3 tags with each article.  A quick example would be, if your story was about the cow jumping over the moon, your tags may be “cow, jumping moon, outer space” or something along those lines.  Tag words are separated by commas.

Last Update: July 29, 2016  

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