Understanding the Revenue Share Stats

When you log into your account, and click the “My Article Earnings” link in the menu bar, you will see your stats. You can select a specific date range, but as a default, we have it set to show the last 365 days worth of information.

As you can see, it shows you right away how many total posts you have written within the specified timeframe. It also shows you the total payment you have earned so far and total payment that is due. When first starting out, these two numbers will be the same until you get your first payment. Once you get your first payment, you will see that the “total payment” column will wind up being your total accrual on money earned and “due pay” is upcoming payments that haven’t been paid out yet.

If you click on your name you will see even more detailed information where it breaks down how many views each of your posts have received.  This is helpful because it shows you the kind of posts that may or may not be working for you.

It’s important to note that while these numbers are generally accurate, some fluctuations can occur and numbers can go up or down slightly depending on a number of factors.  Page views are tracked by Google with their Google Analytics tool, which is a highly recommended stat tracking resource that pretty much all websites use to analyze their traffic data.

Last Update: July 24, 2016  

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