Opinion Pieces

There are facts. For example: Kanye West is a rapper. That’s a fact. But it’s not very interesting to a reader. But if you think Kanye West should give up rap, then that’s an opinion, and therefore infinitely more interesting.

Hopefully just from reading that, you can imagine an opinion piece titled “Kanye West Should Never Rap Again” or some derivative. This type of article is extremely popular when executed correctly. Readers enjoy reading someone else’s opinion, even when they disagree. But only if you can back it up.

Anyone can have an opinion, and anyone can express their opinion on the internet via comments and forums. But as a writer you should be able to back up your opinions with a convincing argument. In the case of Kanye West you could back up your opinion by arguing that his many crazy antics make him unstable, or that he’s marrying a Kardashian (if you’re trying to be funny) or that his best years are possibly behind him.  So really the article should be titled “Why Kanye West Should Never Rap Again.”

It’s a strong opinion, and people will disagree. But that’s the point. An opinion piece like this isn’t just for you to express your opinion. You can do that whenever you want. The idea of the opinion piece is to start a debate. It’s essentially you making the case for one side, which then implicitly invites those with different opinions to respond in the comments.

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