It is impossible to understate the importance of correct spelling and grammar. It’s about professionalism and respect. If you publish an article containing incorrectly spelled words or poor grammar, no one will take your article seriously.

You might be offering the most brilliant insights, but if you fail to spell words correctly or structure sentences properly then readers will not trust you. Because why trust a writer that can’t even spell?

So, before submission, re-read your article carefully to weed out spelling and grammar mistakes. Since we’re almost always in a hurry, these mistakes tend to slip through and it’s important to catch them even if you have to read your article again.

It’s not so much that correct spelling will greatly improve the quality of your article – it’s just that a single spelling or grammatical error can tarnish the image of the writer and that of the website. For your own reputation and that of, please make sure you iron out any such errors.

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