Houston Rappers 3iple Talk About Their ‘Diamonds Dancing’ in Song ‘Water Diamonds’

3iple’s “Water Diamonds” is exactly a stand out trap song, but it is catchy.
3iple Kid N Tre

Kanye West shed light about blood diamonds aka “conflict diamonds” in his 2005 track “Sierra Lione (Remix).” Then earlier this year, Future and Drake came through with “Diamonds Dancing” as they rapped about the sparkling stone.

Now Houston hip-hop group, 3iple is throwing their hat in the ring with their own track, “Water Diamonds,” on the elusive stone. The rhymers rap about “diamonds bouncing off my chest like raindrops all over me” in the trap track before they boast about it costing “about a quarter.” Later they boast that the diamonds dance in their chain and ring” and that they might add some additional pieces in their “grill” and “rims.”

While ‘Ye’s track about Roc-a-Fella spoke about Roc-a-Fella, his relationship with Jay Z and the tragedy in Sierra Lione where the residents are often taken advantage of in the diamond trade, this track doesn’t delve deep into any other issues.

“After spitting about the number of people who loose their limbs to mine for diamonds, West shares the ironic twist. “It’s in a black person soul to rock that gold / Spend your whole life trying to get that ice / Bought a Polo rugby, it looks so nice / How can somethin’ so wrong make me feel so right?”

But as we mentioned before, not every track needs to do such thing. Future and Drake proved it as they made a catchy track with the aforementioned tune from What a Time to Be Alive.

3iple’s “Water Diamonds” is also pretty catchy but it doesn’t stand out from any other trap song. Although, we can definitely see a few party-goers showing off their rock to this one.

Check out the 3iple’s video for “Water Diamonds” above.

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