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We Lost Another One. Serena “Hottentot” Williams is Engaged, and He’s White.

The fact that white men have lusted after, and when not offered, taken the body of Black women for centuries is sickening. The idea that a Black woman would voluntarily lie down with one is mind-blowing.

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  • Dee

    She dated black men they didn’t put a ring on it can’t blame the girl

  • What?

    She’s had white boy toys before, why are people shocked? IMO she’s the Alpha in the relationship.

  • Pavement ApeHunter

    Good on that guy for stepping up & taking Harambe’s place after his tragic death.

  • TheAnt317

    This whole article is modern racism, pure and simple. Congratulations for perpetuating the cycle of hatred and prejudice that you claim to despise.

  • I call bullshit on this article, the author and this site.

  • Kudos for recognizing that the government destroyed the Black family with welfare. Not a lot of people realize that Black marriages used to be more stable than white.

    • sexysapphire

      thank you for understanding My point

  • Bill

    lmao angry white ppl in the comments. ya’ll wanna drag us as slaves and get mad we don’t wanna marry

    • Bringer of Light

      What are you even talking about? People are mad at this racist black bitch who wrote this article, nothing else.

    • Who’s the “we” who doesn’t want to marry? Obviously Serena isn’t in this group.

    • AM

      “ya’ll wanna drag us as slaves and get mad we don’t wanna marry”

      I don’t. Doesn’t bother me. But then this isn’t 150 years ago.

  • LinKurosawa

    She found true love, what’s the issue here?

    What you’re saying is incredibly racist.

  • james senior

    Signed A conscious Black woman, but who wrote this retarded rant?

  • MaxxCatt

    After reading what you said I bet you still vote for the people that caused the disintegration of the black families – Democrats and their policies.

  • Bringer of Light

    You’re a sick fucking c*nt. Next time I bust inside a sista I’m gonna yell “THIS ONES FOR MELONY!!!” at the top of my lungs.

  • fountain1986

    What are the white on black rape stats again?

    • Windi2

      How many African Americans have European admixture from white men slave owners again?

      • Kafirs Uber Alles

        Lots. That was 150 years ago. Now, what, in the present, are the white on black rape stats?

  • Another article for the “SJW or Stormfront?” game.

  • Neptunium

    “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for black children.”

    • DS23


  • Donut

    And now you know why white people get so mad when they see a black guy and white girl together. Congrats on understanding

    • sexysapphire


    • Jerry Chaney

      I’ve no idea where you live or how you were raised, but I can tell you that most white people do not care what someones skin color is. In fact most white people today don’t care what your ethnic origins are. Instead they care about the person you are and whether or not you have any negative characteristics like being abusive in a relationship or being a drug addict/alcoholic. Oddly enough, I have noticed that the only people that care about skin color these days tend to be the racists.

  • Maria

    This is a horrible, small minded article. Jesus it’s her life and her money she can marry and do what she likes with it. I’m biracial and deeply offended by this crap that reeks of fear and bitterness. Her wealth does not belong to the black community, her talent is her own and she is under no obligation to let her race determine the race of who she falls in love with.

  • Windi2

    I understand feeling pain about injustice and racism, but the author’s anger is misdirected.

  • Nicolas Fabbroni Leroy

    The KKK would be so proud of you, ranting endlessly about the evils of interracial marriage.

    Meanwhile Dr. King must be twisting like crazy in his grave.
    “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.”

    More like “Conscious Klanswoman”. YOU GO GRRL!!!

    • sexysapphire

      sitting at the table, taking, sharing life’s bounties equally and marrying and procreating are different – author of article

  • Windi2

    I think what upsets the author is the inequality not the interracial marriage, her anger is misdirected.

    • sexysapphire

      actually it’s knowing the history of how the Black man was systematically removed from the home and replace with men who are not Black. – author or article

      • Kimmie

        Black men were not “removed” from the home. If a man is a provider who’s working to support his family his girlfriend or wife isn’t on welfare or getting section 8. The man who wants to lay up in someone’s house unemployed or only commit crimes for money which makes it impossible for him to rent an apartment of his own is a bad choice for a mate. There are Black men who work and pay their bills, marry their children’s mother and provide for their families those men could live in section 8 housing if they lost their jobs. The government didn’t force men who want to be fathers away from their children. The men who don’t want to marry, do not work and aren’t committed to bettering themselves should not be able to benefit from their girlfriends misfortune. Your article is insane!

  • RandomLibertarian1776

    You and the KKK have the exact same position on interracial marriage… How very progressive and liberal of you.

    Oh a also, apparently some some do in fact go back. XD

  • P’tit Asky

    She’s a lunatic that one

  • Kafirs Uber Alles

    Just another unapologetic black racist on full display.

  • Andrew

    Can I get a black power anyone? #TeamBlack #DontDateWhites #BlackPOWER

    • Jerry Chaney

      Clearly that’s a no

  • The Last Skeptic

    Please go back to sleep, “Conscious” Black Woman. Maybe your dreams will be less racist.

  • Jack Rawlinson

    Well, congratulations. You’re a racist. Be proud. I’m sure you are. Your filthy words reek of it.

  • grimbrimm

    Is this lady on medication ? If not i suggest she visit a doctor, if yes then up the dosage.

  • Thegreatgopher

    So now when you mimic your friend it’s seen as a racist gesture? And here I’m thinking you just taking the piss with your mate making fun of them. Ridiculous.

  • 2520greatyear

    When I write something that will be seen by others, I tend to proofread for obvious grammatical and punctuation errors. It is kind of TUT to encourage her efforts, regardless of quality of content or amount of effort shown. Kinda sounds like someone got shot down by a few white boys in her time.

    • Nicole Hill

      hahah I wouldn’t even allow them to approach Me. I wouldn’t disgrace My race like that

      ( author of article)

  • maubat

    This clown is reprehensible. Black women are beaten, humiliated and disgraced by black men daily. No one comes to their defense. It’s like black on black crime; no marches or protests until someone white kills a black person. Color does not advance morality. Serena has a right to marry whoever she desires. That should not diminish her activism on behalf of black people. We are all God’s children

  • KShark

    As I read this article, I’m preparing to leave town to attend an inter-racial wedding between a beautiful, talented woman of color and her adoring white fiance. They are madly in love, I couldn’t be happier for them, and neither of them give a damn about any of the hate you’ve posted here.

  • AM

    The tone of this article seems to be “Black people and white people shouldn’t mix” Stopped reading there. Bigotry. Heaven forbid people should marry because they love each other.

  • Hubert Wilkins

    I agree with the article, but tell me something. Why would a conscious black woman, if your picture is correct, wear someone else’s hair? You are African, but your hair isn’t? C’mon sis…either be all in, or stay out.

  • 1Ton

    Melony, great article and I agree with everything you said.

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