Uganda Declares That the Manhunt for Kony Is Officially Over
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Uganda Declares That the Manhunt for Kony is Officially Over

Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony is still on the run, with the search for him now officially being called off.

Brennen Jones



Ugandan Warlord Joseph kony

In the midst of yesterday’s news involving ex-NFL star Aaron Hernandez’s suicide and with it dominating and overshadowing other news stories, there was also some unfortunate news that you probably didn’t hear about, from half a globe away involving perhaps the most wanted man on the continent.  Uganda has called off its search for Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony, effectively bringing one of the most famous manhunts in history to close, not with a bang but with a whimper.

Kony remains at large.  Whether or not he’s alive, remains to be a mystery,  but Ugandan officials nevertheless declared that the mission “has now been successfully achieved.”

This news comes a month after the U.S. officially pulled out of the hunt, leaving Uganda itself as the last remaining country actively invested in finding Kony. The U.S. declared that the membership count of Kony’s infamous “Lord’s Resistance Army” had plummeted to less than 100, leaving Kony’s capture a low priority.

Kony’s infamy truly began in 2012, when Invisible Children launched their now-legendary campaign to “Make Kony Famous.” That remains one of the most successful viral feats in internet history, and changed how the world thought about what social media could be. It can undoubtedly be credited with raising global awareness of Kony’s crimes against humanity and monstrous treatment of children, but its goal of bringing Kony to justice remained elusive.

Not everyone is happy with the end of the manhunt. Last month, the African Union told the United Nations that Kony “will likely ramp up attacks if Uganda fully backs off” the search. “Uganda should join [the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Central African Republic] with international support to continue pursuing the LRA and save thousands of lives,” said Sasha Lezhnev of The Enough Project, which keeps tabs on the LRA.

Brennen Jones is the leading founder and publisher of, a leading entertainment and media blog. He is also the founder of P.S. Web Pros, which is a web design and internet marketing company. He's also's resident filmmaker and has produced and directed several short films under his Kitt HoRizon Films imprint and he's produced and have worked on video productions and commercials for various government agencies. He plans to turn The Urban Twist into a media haven so stay tuned. Brennen currently lives in Baltimore, MD. So be my friend on Facebook and Follow me on Twitter!



231 People Are Dead in Somalian Terrorist Attack

At least 231 are dead in what is now the deadliest attack in Somalia’s history.

TUT Staff



The death toll from the bomb blast in Somalia’s capital of Mogadishu has risen to 231 with more than 200 people injured, making it the deadliest terrorist attack in Somalia’s history.

Hundreds more were wounded when a military vehicle packed with explosives detonated near the entrance of a hotel. Doctors struggled to help terribly wounded victims, many burnt beyond recognition. Officials feared the toll would continue to climb from Saturday’s truck bomb that targeted a busy street near key ministries.

Some of the victims died in their cars and in public transportation vehicles. “There was a traffic jam, and the road was packed with bystanders and cars,” a waiter at a nearby restaurant said on Saturday. “It’s a disaster.” Erdogan Hospital, one of six hospitals that received wounded victims, said at least 127 people had been brought there for treatment.

It’s not clear who staged the bombing, but Mogadishu is a known target for al-Shabab militants battling the government. President Mohamed Abdullahi “Farmajo” Mohamed has declared three days of mourning for the victims of the blast. Police official, Ibrahim Mohamed, told AFP news agency the death toll is likely to rise. “There are more than 300 wounded, some of them seriously,” he said.

The United States released a statement saying, “such cowardly attacks reinvigorate the commitment of the United States to assist our Somali and African Union partners to combat the scourge of terrorism.” The US military has also stepped up drone strikes and other efforts this year against al-Shabab.

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Ugandan Government Shuts Down Gay Pride Rally as an ‘Illegal Attempt To Promote Homosexuality’

Activists wanted to gather on the shores of Lake Victoria to celebrate gay pride after law that gave homosexuals life sentence is thrown out. The Ugandan government shuts them down.

TUT Staff



In 2014 a Ugandan law, making homosexuality punishable by a life sentence, was overturned in court. To celebrate this landmark event, several LGBTQ advocates gathered on the shores of Lake Victoria to host what would become Uganda’s first gay pride rally. The Ugandan government has responded to this increased visibility by banning all gay pride events.

According to The Guardian, Simon Lokodo Uganda’s minister of ethics and integrity, called for the cancellation of a pride gala scheduled to take place at the Sheraton Hotel, calling the event an “illegal attempt to promote homosexuality.”

Lokodo went on to proclaim, “No gay gathering and promotion can be allowed in Uganda. We can’t tolerate it at all.” Still punishable by law in several parts of Uganda, proven homosexuality violates several colonial-era laws that remain on the books. “We know they are trying to recruit and promote homosexuality secretly,” Lokodo said. “But it’s worse to attempt to stand and exhibit it in public arena. This is totally unacceptable. Never in Uganda.”

LGBTQ advocates in the nation are standing against the minister’s actions. “We are utterly appalled by the minister’s actions,” said Frank Mugisha, the director of the Sexual Minorities Uganda organization. “The government crackdown on our events is abuse of our freedom of assembly and association. We have a right granted by the Ugandan constitution.” He continued, “It is sad and difficult. This is based on conservative views of our politicians. Pride is about celebrating who we are, giving courage and hope to those individuals who are living lonely and isolated lives in hostile communities, for them to know they are not alone. We shall not allow this intimidation. The struggle will go on.”

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African Children Begging To Die In Their Sleep

African children are left in the streets begging for food. It’s been happening for so long that the children now are powerless and are begging to die.

Giorgi Akhalkatsi



African Child Begging

This is Muganga Douglas Katosi an activist from Kampala, Uganda. Recently he has posted a photo showing how kids are lined up at night on the streets of Kampala, Uganda begging for something eat.

Muganga says “These are the impoverished African children in a continent of plenty. The sight of a child so hungry and tired that he can’t maintain a begging posture but resign to sleep. Praying that he dies in his sleep” – In his Facebook Post

These are Karamojong poor and hungry children lined up at night on the streets of Kampala begging for something to…

Posted by Muganga Douglas Katosi on Saturday, August 6, 2016

Muganga’s post received comments from nice people offering solutions, explaining what’s going on and so on. Here’s one of the comments left on Muganga’s post.

“Something needs to be done. I’ve seen this too, for many times. Some of those kids you see are being put by either their mother or older sibling and they watch from far that’s why you never see any money with those kids because any money given to them is immediately taken away by those watching from afar”

Some of them threw ideas such as asking Africa to assist their people like the Red Cross does.

I decided to research more about the issue. I can’t tell you how many images I found while researching. It’s stressful how we ignore the poor children sitting on the streets begging for something to eat.

I found an article suggesting an idea on how to stop the hunger and feed those children. It says:

“We don’t believe any of those poor excuses for solutions are worth pursuing another minute discussing. Instead, we look towards our Mother Africa.  We call upon the African masses to recognize that there is enough arable land in any two or three of the neo-colonial micro-states in Africa to produce more food than the San Joaquin Valley presently produces.  That’s enough food to feed all of the starving Africans on Earth!”

Of course, it’s easy to say but can it be done? If you ask me, yes it can! I mean look around, we’ve come through so much, fixed so many problems. I believe if we work hard enough we can stop the problem.

People already started working on this issue and I hope you will join and help them. I’ll keep you updated.

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