The Hate List! Rules for the Hate List!

These are the things in life that I hate.  Here are some of my rules for the Hate…

These are the things in life that I hate.  Here are some of my rules for the Hate List:  1. I refrain from talking about people that are overweight. There is truly no need to hate them unless they have on spandex.  2. I do not take suggestions.  So please do not send me an email about what I should say.  3.  I contradict myself all the time, so these rules really do not apply.  Here is the Hate List!

1. I hate the surcharges and taxes on cell phone bills. They never seem quite right.

2. Hate when I am eating Doritos or any kind of chips and they turn sideways in jab me in my gums or roof of my mouth. It is when they start tasting really good that this may happen.

3. I hate that due to the law of pentration lesbians have the option of returning to a heterosexual relationship. Hold up! Why do i hate this.  Long Live Lesbians.

4. I hate when people tell me my son does not look like me. That should go on the list of things that you should not say to a man. Along with: “It’s ok, it happens 2 most guys” or “The average penis size is about where you are at, so with that said, size never really matters.”

5. I hate Chuck E. Cheese.  Not the mouse but the place.  The mouse never did anything to me.  I hate that there are  too many kids at the skee ball machine.  I almost feel bad when I push them out the way when my tickets come out.  I hate that Chuck E Cheese teaches kids at an early age; civil disobeidence, gambling, and the disappointing true value of money.  They take all of their millions of tickets to the counter just to realize that they can not  get that Nintendo Wii at the top of the wall.  But they can get that glow in the dark toy that is only really worth $3. Money well spent parents.

I hate the prefix Ms, Mrs, and Miss confusing.  I hate when you say Ms. to a women and she gets mad and say it’s Mrs!  I hate when the  person is a doctor and they say, it is Dr. and not Mr.  I just say to both of them, “I wonder if Jesus walked around saying, it’s Jesus CHRIST! DON’T  FORGET THE CHRIST!”  I know i am stupid.

I hate Life,  I hate that Life has nothing to offer.  I hate that Life is not free.  I hate taste of Life.  I hate the smell of Life,  I hate the way that Life looks.  I hate that Life come is confined to a box.  I hate that Damn cereal.

I hate that I just found out that it is God Damn! and not Got Damn!

I hate paying alot for that muffler.

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